Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to Organize like a Super Freak

I'm not ashamed of my being a huge nerd. Well at least not as much as I used to be. When I was younger other kids made fun of me for always getting A's and doing well in school, but I've come to love myself more as a person over the last few years in university. Being in a post-secondary institution full of more open-minded, education-oriented people has built me and my sense of self-esteem up immensely! Over my last 4 years at SFU, people have taught me to take pride in my mental abilities and to believe in my capacity to do great things! I would say that the need to achieve a 3.5+ CGPA (I currently have a 3.95 CGPA) in order to maintain my 4 year, $24,000 scholarship has not motivated me to excel in school nearly as much as has my internal motivation to better myself.
But I digress.
Today I want to talk about some ways in which I organize. While I don't have OCD, I love making lists. And lists have been my saviors over the past years of my academic career. And using a list, I will describe some of my most tried-and-true methods of achieving nerdy levels of organization.

Tips to Remember: