It's Almost That Time of Year Again

Dress & flats: Malaysia

Spring has rolled around once more and I find myself in a state of constant excitement over getting to wear dresses again! Or at least wearing dresses without layering a million warm things over them to stop myself from freezing. Whenever I've stalked the malls recently, my eye has been drawn to the bright colors and pretty dress designs in the store windows.

I've restricted my current dress wishlist to H&M as it's one of the few stores that's within my overextended budget range (this last year or so has been a constant shopping binge). 

 Halterneck satin dress with print and asymmetrical hem

Sleeveless button-up dress in chiffon

I've also been doing some digging up in my closet looking for spring dresses I bought last year. This floral print dress was from Urban Behavior and I'm pretty sure I only wore it about 3 times... I'm planning to get more mileage out of it this year for sure! Also, whenever I look at floral print for Spring, I think of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada berating her assistants with a haughty: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." But I love florals so!!

Urban Behavior

Are there any dresses that you're dying to wear out this spring?


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