Macaron Date at Soirette

Forever21 maxi dress | H&M shirt | Material Girl necklace, ring, & bracelet

Yesterday I finally got a date with my very busy AK for our belated trip to Soirette to try out their macarons and tea. Even though it was the usual schizo Vancouver weather, I refused to let the rain get me down. So, in total defiance of the gloom, I wore my new Forever21 maxi dress that I had just bought from my latest states shopping trip in Seattle. Since it was too cold to show off the interesting design on the dress' back, I had to cover up with a blue work shirt. However, to make up for the lack of summery skin-showing, I played up my outfit with chunky accessories. These included my newest additions of a Material Girl necklace, studded bracelet, and ring.
Also, instead of wearing my new wedge sandals, I had to settle for the more practical choice of my comfortable Rockport boots. I still can't believe that I didn't get mud splatters on my dress after walking around all over downtown Vancouver!

Anyways, Soirette turned out to be amazing! The choices of macarons (I tried Lavender, White Truffle, & Caramel; they were all unbelievably amazing) were better than any other place I'd been to before (including Thierry) and I had some Jade Oolong tea to sip too! Also, catching up with my AK was so nice!

Me looking like a fool
Amazing macarons | Jade Oolong tea
I love walking in the rain wearing a maxi dress... Not!
Hope you had some fun times in the rain too! I'm saving the mysterious design at the back of this dress for next time when I get to wear it in its full glory on a hot sunny day!


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