Breakfast & Guinea Pigs

Attempting to seduce a potted plant
Because I'm an awkward weirdo

Thrifted blouse // American Eagle Outfitters shorts // Spring flats // Forever21 belt 
(All items were obtained from the previously mentioned clothes swap)

This morning I was struck with so much inspiration and motivation to chase after career goals I had never dared to consider! While helping a friend to pursue her own vocational goals, I got back into contact with my eldest brother, who I previously have mentioned is working at Hong Kong branch of the online fashion magazine He offhandedly suggested that I look for a job in publishing and media, a suggestion that ended up becoming a whole new possible career path for me!

Before last week, I always had narrowed my preferred career choices to law or history. I had never even thought of pursuing my love of art, fashion, media, or writing! I have a passion for each of those subjects but never thought that they were viable ways of my making a living. However, I'd rather do something I love and be a little poorer than to be richer and hate my job. In addition, I luckily have honed my writing skills over the years in university. However, writing articles for magazines or newspapers is something that I have not done since high school. It's a whole different animal from writing essays for a class and requires much more spontaneity, creativity, and concise writing. Nevertheless, if I am determined enough to pursue my dreams, I know I will find a way to make them reality!

The first step I will be taking? Applying for a volunteer position at a local newspaper. This position would provide me with valuable experience and networking opportunities with people who might help me on my way. I'm super excited to start off on this road and to see if it's right for me!

Shrimp Avocado Benne
Apple, DeBakon, & Onion Pannekoeken 
Late morning breakfast with C.W.

Cute kitties at Mr. Pet
My cuter photographer

Pudding wants to say hello!

Here's to me making my pipe dreams reality!


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