Off the Beaten Track

I'm wearing:
Dynamite tank // H&M pants // Wild Diva wedges // Aldo sunglasses

Hello everyone, enjoying the long weekend yet?
I just finished my last week as a summer intern running kids programs at a local church and as a result I have gained countless, valuable experiences and amazing new friends. I don't regret a second of the time that I spent on this job and I can only say that God blessed me incredibly when He placed me into that position. 

Although I am dreading my imminent return to academia and am excited to start off a new work position this upcoming week, I am highly anticipating all of the fun activities that I have planned for this weekend. Since I don't start school until Wednesday and a certain someone has a five day weekend, I will be enjoying this Labor Day holiday weekend to its maximum extent.

If you were glancing at the photos above of that lovely girl in the hat, you would have been looking at one of my best friends AK. Although her birthday was more than a month ago, we couldn't properly celebrate it due to excessive loads of work and school on her part. Fortunately, we were finally able to plan a date to shop at Front & Company and go for some drinks, which turned out to be a very exciting and long adventure. ;) Since we were newcomers to Main Street, it took two girls using their wits and iphones to avoiding losing our way. I know that many of my trendy friends are natives to that particular hipster-ish area; however, AK and I were mere pretenders trying to blend into the scenery. 

Before we made our way to Joey and Cheesecake Etc. for drinks, appies, and cheesecake, we managed to find ourselves walking through some gorgeous neighborhoods with amazing heritage houses.  I would have taken a billion pictures if it weren't for the fact that a) AK thought I was creepy and b) I felt very creepy. 

Us posing with a particular piece of street art that has become very popular lately. Oh yeah, we also cheated and changed into flats and sandals; us Asians (or at least half Asians) are always prepared for all occasions.  All in all, I had an amazing day with my AK and hope to have many more girl dates in the near future with her.

Have an amazing long weekend and soak in that sun!


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