Pastel Saturday

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?
I woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning today and decided that I would use this opportunity to wear some  summery pastels that I've been wanting to wear together for a while. Although no one wants to admit it, fall is just around the corner and clothing staples like blazers and boots will soon be commonplace once again. 

Even though most of my day was spent at the Cultus Lake Waterpark, I actually had dressed this way for a house warming party that we ended up not attending because we were too lazy. Luckily, my efforts were not in vain as there was a birthday party dinner that we dragged ourselves to after a hot, long and sunny day in Chilliwack. The waterpark was super fun as I had not been there in years and couldn't even remember most of the rides. My favorites were The Colossal Canyon and the Radical Rapids as those rides allowed for you to travel with your friends. They were also more fun if you had heavier companions to make your tube raft go faster! After hanging around there for about five hours (the place cost $27 to enter and had additional costs for a locker and parking), we left Chilliwack and managed to drive back home without crashing from exhaustion. All in all, it was the perfect way to end off one of the last weekends of summer. 

Anyway, I'm now struggling to finish writing this post as I am about to crash from such a tiring and eventful day. Before I start typing out gibberish and thinking that I'm writing a literary masterpiece, I better quit while I'm still ahead and say goodnight. 

I'm wearing:
Dynamite boyfriend blazer // H&M shorts // H&M chiffon shirt // Old Navy headband // Boots from states outlet // NYX polish

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday as well! 


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