Secret Garden

Hello everyone!
Over these last few days I've been putting together outfits that were comprised entirely of clothing that I had gotten from a clothes swap. Instead of being ashamed of my extreme thriftiness like most normal people, I took great delight in telling almost complete strangers, or at least everyone who complimented my outfits, that "everything I have on is from a clothes swap I just went to!" 

Okay yes, I'm a little on the crazy side but today I decided to tone it down and wear clothes that I had gotten in a more accepted manner- through my wallet. I've been loving the mint trend that's been going on lately but I never bought into it until I went to Zara to buy a dress for a wedding reception. However, as soon as I bought that dress, I ended up buying two more mint-colored items almost right after! One was this flowy Zara top that is perfect for dealing with the summertime heat. The cherry red jeans were (alas!) from the clothes swap but I promise you that they were the only swapped items I had on today. I also got a rare opportunity to wear my white heels as all the ladies-only events I was supposed to attend these last few weeks were sadly postponed (ex. high tea, fancy lunches, etc.). Boo hoo. 

So instead I got my dad to take two cameras out to the garden for a short photoshoot. Why two cameras you ask? Because we have a mini-camera competition going on. You see, I got my camera at around the same time that my dad got his. My dad sneakily didn't tell me about his latest purchase as he was afraid that I would take unlawful possession of the family camera, which was a safe assumption as I had done so with the last two cameras. However, when he saw that I too had obtained a fancy new camera, we started comparing which was better. I will make a completely unbiased and unprejudiced judgment here and say that mine is better ;) Also, I'm pretty sure he enjoyed more taking pictures of the flowers that he miraculously hadn't killed this year than taking pictures of his beloved daughter. Love you, Dad!


Also, if you can't tell, I was making a rare foray into the world of Adobe Photoshop with these shots. Unfortunately, I no longer have my bootlegged version of Photoshop, with which I used to paint my drawings, so I was using an extended trial version that only lasted until today. So what you see is what you get; unless I manage to bribe one of my tech-savvy connections into giving me photoshop again, I won't be able to perfect my very flawed iris-blur filter! 

"This tree offends me."

 I'm wearing:
Zara mint top // Buffalo David Bitton jeans // Aldo heels // Kenzie clutch // Material Girl leaf bracelets // Ribbon & Asher statement necklace // Jessica Simpson sunglasses // Forever 21 skinny belt // Nicole by OPI in "Baby Blue" & Anna Sui "Vernis A Ongles" nail polish

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer folks, I'm going to be doing my best to soak up every last drop of it! 


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