Cozy Hearts Cardigan

I'm wearing:
Swapped cardigan // H&M tee // H&M denim jeans // H&M clutch // Sam Edelman heels // vintage necklace // Aldo sunglasses

Hello everyone, are you happy that you made it to Friday?
Earlier this week, I was given an amazing opportunity to write fashion articles for AX3 Battery, an Asian lifestyle and pop culture webzine. The column that I'll be writing under is called "Trendy Tuesday" and I'll be sure to link my readers here so that you can see how well (or badly) I do! Other than this fun and exciting development in my life, I had a pretty decent week in terms of school and everything else. The biggest thing (other than the writing position) that happened was on Tuesday morning when I was walking to the bus stop and I came across a Caucasian woman talking to a crying little Asian girl. I nearly let them pass before asking the woman what was the problem. It turned out that the little girl (who was only 5 years old) was lost and couldn't speak English. Thanks to my lack of bilingualism, I couldn't speak to her in Chinese to see if she spoke Cantonese or Mandarin. Actually, I could have said "Ni Hao" or something I learned from my Canto friends but that just didn't occur to me at the time. Anyways, I managed to calm her down, stop her from running off the street curb onto the street, and strategize with the other lady about our action plan. We ended up calling the police because the girl, wisely, didn't want to walk anywhere too far with us. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay until the first police officer arrived before I had to leave for school. I later heard on facebook that the girl's grandma found her- yay for happy endings!

Also, although I'll have to work both tonight and tomorrow, I'm looking forward to celebrating a friend's birthday tomorrow night. I'll try not to get too down about the fact that I'll be missing an epic-sounding dessert cook off and potential pool party.

For today's outfit, I'm finally wearing this cute and comfy cardigan that I got, once again, from this clothing swap. I love the detailing: the puffy sleeves, the little hearts, and the gold buttons. According to its previous owner, it was from Korea but she never found a way to wear it. Let's hope that I did alright with it!

I took these pictures in my favourite place (not), my garden. My brother and I were both commenting on how our dad has managed to accomplish possibly the most horrible job of gardening in history. Look below to see me checking out this totally random tree that my dad decided to plant in the middle of nowhere. Also he cut down a couple of bushes, ruined these bushes that were once cut into pretty sphere shapes, and removed the attractive ivy that once covered our garden wall. Good job dad!

Have a fantastic Friday and start off that weekend right! 


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  2. That is a simple but lovely Cardigan
    the kind you keep for years and still loves to wear everytime.

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  5. thats so sweet of you :) I'm sure the girl appreciated your help! you look lovely btw!

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