Fending Off Fall

I'm wearing:
H&M blazer // Zara top // American Eagle Outfitters shorts // Aldo heels // Revlon TopSpeed nail polish in "Lily" // Suzy Shier clutch // Forever 21 headband

Hello everyone!
It's the end of the first week back at school and I'm already having so much fun balancing my hectic work and school schedules with my precious social life. Added to those pressures are the need to apply for more scholarships and other forms of financial aid as my four year Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship at SFU ran out after, well, those first four years of university. It was so nice not having to worry about anything back when I still had my scholarship because I got first priority status for everything: parking lot passes (not that I needed that), class enrollment (I got first pick on the first day of registration), and my tuition fees were conveniently paid automatically by the school. However, now I have to worry about not being able to pay for those last two semesters and saving up for future plans, such as a new place or travelling to Asia next summer. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that SFU or some other kindhearted organization will take up my cause and sponsor me for a measly 5ish grand? Sigh, I'm probably pushing it here.

Anyways, back to here and now, I had a good first week of school and work. Working in a clothing retail store has been much more fun than expected; I guess having an obsessive love for clothes allows me to stay happy for hours on hours just folding and refolding clothing piles. My classes have immense reading assignments (one class alone assigns 120-200 pgs. per week!) but so far I have no final exams and the actual assignments look very manageable. Let's hope I'm still singing this optimistic tune come November! However, I am a fifth year student now and I have had much experience with every type of assignment (ie. peer reviews, research papers, presentations) that has been assigned to me thus far.

Today I wanted to wear something completely different but ended up choosing this particular outfit at the last minute. That's what happens when you can't find your favorite pair of shorts in the wash. Instead, I went with this torn denim shorts, mint top (I am so disturbed by that hanger thingy that's sticking out of my collar), and cobalt blue blazer. Not too shabby for something I just threw on eh? 

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed an abandoned toilet on my front yard. Why it is taking an eternity to get rid of that thing is beyond me!

Hope you guys have had a good week too and manage to enjoy the amazing sunshine while it still lasts! You know Vancouver weather, it always wants to keep you on your toes. 


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