Preserving Summer on Instagram

Hello everyone, how has your weekend been?
 It's hard to admit that summer is drawing to an end but the rain pouring on my rooftop is making it hard to maintain the delusion that it's still my favorite season of the year. To keep my mind on those happy, sunny days, I decided to post up a few instagram pictures highlighting some of the fun things that I did during the last few weeks of summer.  Enjoy!

Feeling the chilly breeze at our seaside restaurant, the Blue Canoe, in Steveston.


Part of our delicious seafood meal: mussels in white cream sauce with fries. 

Delicious rice cake soup with pork and beef dumplings at Jang Mo Jib Coquitlam.

At a farmyard BBQ in Langley.

A lovely friendship present.

A poor baby octopus in the seafood ramen.

The costumed leaders of our Ninja Pirate Sports Day.

Our awesome team, the Pip Squeaks, were the winners! Complete with authentic gold medals ;)

Gorgeous AK taking a breather on our Main Street shopping date.

A Sky VBS snack called "Shaky Hearts" made with jello, whipped cream, and strawberries.

Hyper kids and hoverballs at Sky VBS.

A proud Squidhead strutting his stuff at the PNE.

The beautiful bouquet that I received as a thank you from the church I worked at this summer.

Cheap but cute studded loafers that I bought for myself and a certain birthday girl. 

Deliciously flavorful kimchi fried rice with miso soup for lunch today.

What are the summertime memories that you're going to cherish the most this fall?


  1. I love your random pictures!

    I love, love summer too it is def my favorite season! It's too bad it is almost over :(

    I have never tried octopuse, my boyfriend loves it but I can't dare to try.. don't know why! haha!

    1. Thank you!

      I'm so sad that summer is leaving soon, but luckily it's sunny for at least one more day today!

      Try octopus sometime! But make sure it's not a whole octopus at once or it might creep you out :)


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