Roughin' It (Not)

I'm wearing:
H&M hat // H&M t-shirt // thrifted maxi skirt // sandals from clothes swap // vintage anchor bracelet

Hello everyone, how was the beginning of your long weekend?
Yesterday we made our way over to Langley to attend a BBQ at the farm of an acquaintance of P's. Although almost everyone there was either older or younger than us, we ended up having a tremendous amount of fun doing things that you can only do on a farm.  

However, the trip started off with a few minor speed bumps, such as us losing our way due to faulty GPS technology and a lack of knowledge regarding Langley geography. Also, I met for the first time in my life an unfriendly golden retriever. Have you ever met one? Until the first time I heard him growl at me, I had foolishly believed that the vast majority of golden retrievers were playful and friendly souls. He ended up locked in a stable stall after having snapped at my friend while she was trying to take a photo with him. Also, while roasting your own food over a fire is kind of fun, it's also extremely time consuming and bad news for newbies (such as P and me). We burned nearly everything we roasted and didn't eat nearly as much as we would have wished. 
Other than those minor setbacks, I had lots of fun hanging out with RC, her siblings, and a bunch of cute dogs (even though one little dog was horny and kept on humping a much larger and almost indifferent female dog). We were allowed to ride on a tractor/cart around a race track that usually is used to train race horses, which was really something! The scenery was also spectacular in the dying light of the sunset.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday! 


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