Cheaply Chic

I'm wearing:
Urban Planet chiffon top & studded loafers // Zara metallic leggings // Forever 21 earrings // vintage anchor-themed bracelet

Hello everyone, happy Monday!
It was supposed to be drizzling this morning as far as I know but Vancouver weather happily surprised me with some patches of blue sky, white clouds, and sunshine. Today I wanted to test drive these cheap but cute studded loafers from Urban Planet that I bought for both myself and another friend. For the low price of $15, we were both willing to try out this cute trend in footwear. If I end up with major blisters or accidentally tear a hole in them on the first day, I'll be sure to let you know.

While I was browsing the store for those loafers, I came across a rack of eye-catching and also cheap chiffon tops. I bought one but am pretty sure that I will be returning for more! Although the pattern of this top was much more crazy than I usually go for, I figured that such a cheap price would allow me to be a little more adventurous. However, the next top I buy will most probably be neutral and subtle. This particular top is loud, colorful, and bright- perfect for starting off the first full week of school with a bang.

Another thing I want to note is that I LOVE my new Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer; it has transformed my skin's life in terms of looking good all day long with a very small amount of foundation. I find that my skin looks dewy and lovely even after a long work shift or class, which is usually when I start looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon (ie. melting make up). Lastly, but not least, it makes my skin look quite amazing in pictures. A definite plus for an aspiring blogger!

All photos were taken by my kind mom, which explains the strange angles of some of these pictures (she is allergic to all forms of technology and has trouble holding the camera straight 90% of the time). Have a great Monday you guys, go get 'em!


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