Making a Statement


Good morning everyone!
It's a gorgeous Saturday morning and I can't wait to get out there to enjoy the sunshine while attending a BBQ on a Langley farm. Not a place that I visit often anymore, but it's always nice to get closer to nature every once in a while. Can you believe that it's already September? The fall season always approaches so stealthily and is upon you before you can blink. You can witness it taking over the summer season in the slowly yellowing leaves and in the shortening days. 

I've been wanting to write a post about my accessories for a while now but never managed to actually do it for some reason. I decided to focus on my favorite accessory pieces: statement necklaces and bracelets. These show-stoppers can dress up the most plain and unassuming outfits by endowing them with some eye-popping details. Earlier this year, I possessed only sweet, subtle little necklaces that were more wallflowers than crazy party pieces. However, as I started to eye those statement necklaces with increasing interest, I decided to take the plunge and buy a whole bunch at an accessory sale that was happening at the downtown location of The Bay. 

Material Girl


Joe Fresh

Ribbon & Asher

Smart Set


Material Girl

From left to right: Material Girl leaf bracelet, Nevada cuff, Material Girl studded bracelet, nautical-themed anchor bracelet (bottom) 
Some of these pieces, such as the spike/pearl combination above and the Ribbon & Asher necklace, appeal to me more than the others and have become my go-to accessories for dressing up my everyday outfits. What are some of your favorite statement accessories? 


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