Ready to Work

I'm wearing:
H&M dress // Talula shirt // Spring flats

You know these pretty dresses that you buy for one special occasion but never find the opportunity to wear ever again? Well on today's intrepid adventure with fashion, I was determined to battle that very unfortunate trend and find a way to wear this H&M pleated dress in a more casual manner. Wearing a button-up shirt over a dress can be a great way with which to dress down something that is usually more suitable for a formal dinner. In this particular outfit I decided to use that easy-peasy technique of tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot to create a casual and cute look. 

Also, the weather in Vancouver has been remaining in the mid- to high-twenties so I've had the immense pleasure of giving my summer wardrobe an extended lifeline. On this particular Thursday, AK and I decided to have a lovely breakfast at DeDutch where I was able to use a $15 gift card that I received from @DeDutch through Twitter (how awesome is that?!!). Thanks so much! It just pays sometimes to be a complete twitter addict. Then we shopped. I got some good deals but was still kicking myself for buying anything as I need to save for my much-anticipated December Vegas trip! Argh.

After our shopping expedition, we headed over to a local library to study. Which is where I am right now. And the only studying I've done so far is of the cool outfits girls are wearing on other fashion blogs. Sigh, guess it's finally time to go study now... #lifeofastudent

Laptop in hand. Happy Thursday and remember that the weekend is almost here!

(All these lovely photos were taken by the amazing AK, my gorgeous partner-in-crime.)


  1. you dress so well for work! Love the pleated skirt! Enjoy :)

  2. Aw you are so sweet! I like your style! Follow each other? Just let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)

  3. Amazing outfit!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! :)



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