Seaside Relaxation

I'm wearing:
Polka Dot Company chiffon top // H&M pants // DKNY heels // Aldo sunglasses // Urban Outfitters beaded earrings // gifted bag

Hello everyone, how was your long weekend?
I am blessed enough to not have school on Tuesdays so I was able to spend one more day of freedom in the sun today! P and I were thinking of heading down to Seattle to indulge in seafood delights but decided that the long drive was too daunting. Instead, we visited a place that we hadn't visited before: Steveston. This little seaside fishing town in Richmond is a little gem that was the perfect place for my last day of summer break. Although it was a little windy, I enjoyed the sunshine and the peaceful scenery. Also, I have a fondness for rustic nautical/fisherman decor, which made this entire town into complete eye-candy for me. Under the recommendation of a friend, we ate at the pretty little Blue Canoe seafood restaurant. Although it was a gorgeous day, we only survived about two minutes on the patio before we had to head indoors for warmth. 

I was happy to wear my new red chiffon top that made me feel very pretty and feminine.  As well, I wore my new DKNY heels that were sadly unsuitable for a long walk around town. I feel like wearing that top was a sign of my defiance against the coming fall season. Are any of you also in denial of the fact that it's almost fall? 

A word that I took to heart today.

I swear my hair was only this messy because there is an extreme wind factor in Steveston. Who needs perfect hair when sipping a delicious matcha latte anyways?
Vancouver can be utterly photogenic in the sunshine. It was absolutely impossible to take a bad picture today. And apparently I love being a loner sitting on random benches.

I hope that you all got to enjoy the sunshine today in one form or another!


  1. Nice photos! Love your shoes and style!


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