Stripes and Print on a Trendy Tuesday

I'm wearing:
H&M print tube scarf // swapped shirt // H&M pants // Guess leopard print heels // Aldo Accessories earrings

Hi everyone!
Last week and this week are proving to be a surprisingly last stand from good ol' summer! Mid-twenties weather, sunshine, and blue skies have got me wearing shorts and sandals as if it were still in the middle of August. Today on, my very first "Trendy Tuesday" fashion post will be featured! Check it out at Today's post was merely speculating on Fall 2012's top trends; however, my next few post ideas will be much more scintillating (I hope)! Enjoy :) 
This outfit was thrown together during my failed attempt at wearing more fall-themed clothing. I was trying to wear my new trench coat but when I looked outside at the sunshine I couldn't help but want to wear something a little more light and summery. I'm currently in love with my new H&M print tube scarf; it's the perfect combination of a tube scarf (which requires very little adjustment to look good) and a pretty print pattern (which was something I was looking for recently). P was my reluctant (and last resort) photographer for this particular post but I think he really got into the role after a few shots. ;)

Thanks for being patient with me again!

Make sure you take advantage of this summer weather by wearing all of your prettiest summer outfits! 


  1. CUTE outfit and great smile :) Want to follow each other????

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  2. u look so stylish! im your new follower, would you like to follow me back? :)

  3. Such a cute outfit! It's a good mix of a few of my favorite things (stripes and scarves).

    P did a good job with the photos.

  4. are you mixed sweetie you're so pretty!! xx


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