Studs, Prints, & Hats

I'm wearing:
H&M hat // Forever 21 sweater // Forever 21 shirt // Pins & Needles skirt (clothing swap) // H&M leggings // Aldo boots // Aldo clutch

Hello everyone, how have you been? It's already November and everyone is gearing up for the end of the semester, the holidays, and that hectic gift-giving season. Meanwhile, we've been absolutely blessed with this fantastically sunny weather, I hope it lasts for just a bit longer before we have to make do with that dreadfully cold darkness that we call the winter season. This week I managed to enjoy the weather while waiting outside for my bus during the TSSU & CUPE strikes (I've missed two days of class because of it. Can't complain!). As well, today I woke up relatively early and got outside for a nice drive. I definitely enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery of red, yellow, and brown leaves when I'm protected by layers of warm outerwear, gloves, scarves, and other winter sartorial necessities. As well, I've been trying to wear my favourite hats in my everyday outfits (it's not that easy), especially this lovely H&M hat that has these pretty metal leaf tassels on it that are perfect for the fall season. 
Yesterday, I went to check out a sample sale on Robson Street and was sorely disappointed when I discovered that I had made the trek for absolutely nothing. There was nothing in terms of the brands I wanted (the last sale I went to had Cheap Monday, Mink Pink, Kensie, and other desirable brands) and it was mostly catering to the *cough* Nammer high-school crowd (Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, etc.). So I walked out of there pretty fast. Nearly bought a Coach bag but then realized that I don't like Coach- so why spend a couple of hundred on it? 
After being quite depressed at the lack of shopping that was happening (I had been retail abstinent the whole week and was ready to shop as a reward for working long and hard this week), I happened to walk past the new Forever 21 on Robson. I had heard from a classmate the night before that it was open on Friday but when I checked online, I saw that the grand opening was for today. It turns out that the soft opening was yesterday and therefore people were more than welcome to go there to shop! Voila! I was immediately transported to shopper's heaven and literally filled my shopping bag with too many items to count. Fortunately, I managed to cut it down to three items (for now): a leopard print sweater and green chiffon shirt with a studded collar (worn here), and a pair of pleather shorts. I love this shirt because it's not so sheer that I am required to wear something underneath, a definite plus! The shorts I don't plan on wearing here, I'll be saving them for my much-anticipated Vegas trip. :):)  

After walking out of Forever 21, I walked into the store right next door: Aldo. In less than 10 minutes, I managed to buy this cute studded clutch/purse that was sale for $23. Go me! Then I hustled myself out of downtown before I could spend any more money. 

Anyways, hope you all enjoy your long weekend and check out the new Forever 21 store!


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