Versatility is Always Good

Dynamite Blazer // London coloured denim // Seduction chambray shirt // H&M heels // Material Girl necklace

Hello everyone, how is life?
I've been thinking about how the weeks have been passing by in a blinding flash (as usual) and have recently fully realized that it's already halfway through November! Which is a very good thing as I only have one more week of school after this and some final projects and assignments to complete before I'm doneee for the holidays. I'm counting down to my much-anticipated Vegas trip and a parade of Christmas parties that can be counted on for some good food, company, and snazzy dressing. 
I've also recently discovered the impressive versatility of this mint green boyfriend blazer. When I first bought it, I thought I'd only be able to wear it with a very select range of colours (white and other neutrals). But to my surprise I realized that I could pair it with a much larger spectrum of interesting shades. For instance, I paired it here with some burgundy jeans and a chambray shirt. When wearing these jeans for the first time today, I became aware that at least two-thirds of the girls (and guys) I saw around campus were wearing burgundy jeans. Very popular.
I also wanted to showcase my latest acquisition in shoewear, these platform heels that were on sale at H&M. I just bought another pair of Material Girl heels last week but couldn't resist this tantalizing sale when I was browsing the store... Oh the superficial problems of the shopping-obsessed. 

Have a great rest of your week and don't be afraid to be dress colourfully- it really adds extra flavour to your day!


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