How to Wear It: Sequins (Part 2)

H&M beanie // Urban Planet denim jacket // Talula shirt // Suzy Shier sequin tank // J Brand jeans // Rockport boots // Material Girl earrings // Forever 21 ring
All photos by Lydia Ko
Hello everyone,
Welcome to Part II of Sequin-Wearing Savvy (aka me posing in awkward positions while freezing my butt off in a forest). In this particular instance, I gave my ensemble an interesting twist, both figuratively and literally, by knotting the bottom of my shirt to create a more casual look when paired with the sequins. As well, I decided to wear my newly-acquired J Brands (very snug and comfortable) and what is currently my favourite piece of headwear- this cute beanie that does wonders in keeping me warm and looking cute at the same time. 
As you can probably tell from the pictures above, I had some fun times posing on rain-soaked rocks while holding an umbrella and attempting to look decent. From my memories of being coldly miserable and wondering whether I strongly resembled a bedraggled, water-logged rat, I can hardly believe that these pictures turned out this well. Thanks once again to my wonderful photographer Lydia! 


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