How to Wear It: Sequins (Part I)

All photos taken by Lydia Ko
 Forever 21 jacket // Suzy Shier sequin tank // Dynamite blazer // Urban Planet tutu // Urban Planet leggings // Sam Edelman heels // Necklace from The Bay // Aldo ring

 Hello folks,
It's a been a little while since I last posted on here but I was holding out for these fantastic photos taken by my 'big sister' (well, as close to a big sister as I'll get), Lydia Ko, who just returned from her 1.5 year life abroad in Australia. This girl not only is a hardcore globetrotter (she has been almost anywhere I can think of- including the Amazon!)- she has some awesome fashion and photography skills as well! While I've certainly missed her sunny disposition and our interesting conversations, I've also greatly missed being her photographic subject/guinea pig. Before she left, I was often privileged enough to get awesome photos taken of myself when she was trying out some new camera device (this last week, she was trying out a new detachable flash gizmo).
Since we plan to have one photo session per week within the foreseeable future (until she becomes employed again), I got her to take shots of two outfits. In this case, I wanted to experiment with how one might use sequins (often thought to be too dressy for everyday usage) in daily wear. In this outfit, I used the sequin tank with a cute tutu and blazer, paired with leggings to ward off the extreme frostbite-causing-cold (I'm a wuss when it comes to a chill, ok?). These heels don't get much time out of the closet ever since the wintertime chill hit. When I wore them this last weekend to celebrate the engagement of two friends, I was freezing my tootsies off while walking outside in downtown Vancouver. In addition, we were unfortunately taking shots in the rain and I was forced to withstand some minor precipitation while posing- no pain no gain, right? 
Stay posted for part two that will be up later this week!   


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