Looking Back at the Best of 2012

After a morning and early afternoon of working out at the gym and getting ready for NYE, I finally have time to take a look back at this wonderful year and to remember the countless ways in which I have been blessed. 

A fun but chill NYE party of hotpotting, poker, and cake pops to kick off the year.

AK and I met our first legitimate celebrity, Ginnifer Goodwin, at Thierry. Swoon!

My birthday!! Which awesomely coincides with Valentines Day. <3

A month of many delicious treats!

My second Canucks game with some hockey-crazy friends. Being in such close proximity to hotties like Edler, Bieksa, Burrows, Kesler, and Henrik Sedin had me feeling whoozy ;)

The sun was starting to shine in Vancity, which was perfect for some springtime biking around Stanley Park.

Sun Run time! I achieved my best ever time of 45:06 for the 10 km race and hope to beat it this upcoming year.

A Seattle shopping trip where we had the most mouth-watering seafood.
Easter: a time to celebrate the ultimate sacrifice made for all of us and to spend quality time with friends and family. And to play pool. 
 Oh did I mention that we stalked Daniel Sedin and his kids? Picture proof right below.

One of my best girls graduated from ECU! Congrats to my uber talented friend.
A lovely time at Soirette's sipping oolong tea and eating the most delish macarons with my favourite AK. 

Became BFFs with this gal <3

Even though the summer weather came late this year, we still managed to pack in lots of fun. For instance, we celebrated this GD-lookalike's birthday :)
Went tanning... a lot! By the end of the summer, I was literally black.

A month jam-packed with memorable activities. I would say the biggest highlights included camping in a cabin while in the States, watching David Beckham play against the Whitecaps, and starting my summer internship at WCBC.  
Mi Rebsta!

The last month of summer was completely packed with last-minute hot weather and outdoor fun!
An entire day spent at Spanish Banks for a beach party, BBQ, tanning, and swimming. Not to mention pretty summertime dresses ;)
I facilitated VBS at WCBC- such an awesome time with amazing kids and incredible parents!
Finished the Grouse Grind in 48:40.
More beach time at White Pine.

The last long weekend before school started up again was spent at a Langley farm riding/driving a tractor, BBQ-ing, and enjoying good food in Steveston.
 My first time in Steveston was perfect: incredible sunshine and seafood!

Dressed up as K-Pop star Park Bom for Halloween and had such a hilarious time hotpotting with other costumed friends.
Fright Night with my lovely coworkers.

Had the most amazing lobster- twice! 

This month was a non-stop rollercoaster ride of amazing-ness! From Vegas to countless Christmas partying, it has been one unbelievable month.
 The Venetian.
 Double date night at the Vancouver Aquarium. This cutie was the best part of the night!
 Drunken gingerbread house time with AK (hehe).

 Lots of hard-earned play time enjoyed with my best friend and love, PC <3
My first Tiffany and Co!!!
Despite being incredibly busy this entire semester, still managed to squeeze out a 4.0 GPA- not too shabby!

Well, this is just a snapshot of my year,- I cannot even begin to recount the million memories that have made it one of the best years of my life! I have grown as an individual, learned how to support and be supported by friends and family, and have pushed myself to my mental, emotional, and physical limits. Although much of my hard work has paid off, I cannot forget that the majority of this year's blessings came from my Father up above. 
I wish you all the very best Happy New Years and let's look ahead to an even better 2013!



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