Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stripes and Sweetheart Shoes

J. Crew jersey // H&M faux-fur gilet // Material Girl jeans // Nine West bag // Forever 21 bracelets // Front & Company studs // Dynamite belt // Skagen watch // ShoeMint Adrienne heels 

Friday, 22 February 2013

How to Wear It: Animal Print (Part II)

H&M python print shirt, jeans, necklace and blazer // Material Girl shoes and bracelet // Olivia + Joy bag
{All photos by Lydia Ko}
Hello everyone,
Have you all had a good start to the weekend? I woke up late since I had a really long day yesterday after completing two midterms. But then again, sleeping in until past 10 am always feels so good after having to wake up so early for school. I forced myself to do a little bit of school work and to get out of my house in the bitter cold and rain to work so that I could get some exercise. Overall, not an entirely unproductive day but the sunshine could have come a little sooner!

This outfit post was taken on one of the few warm-ish and sunny days during last week, when wearing a mere blazer and shirt while outside was even possible. I rarely wear this snake print shirt and so have been making a conscious effort to incorporate it more often into my daily wardrobe. I'm presently on a one-month shopping ban (wish me luck!) and so all of my posts during that time period will be comprised of clothes that have been lurking within my closet for the last while. At first, I despaired of being able to create any great outfits without a new purchase here and there. However, after doing a little closet clean-out earlier this week, I realized that there are so many cute pieces in my wardrobe that haven't been worn yet. Now whenever I see things online or on blogs, I have to resist the urge to walk straight to the mall and hunt them down. Instead, I have to calm myself down and remember that I already have a ton of clothes that I still have yet to wear! Besides, it's the best feeling when you style an amazing outfit out of clothes that you forgot that you had- anyone else agree?
A dream come true: a real-life shoe tree ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How to Wear It: Animal Print (Part I)

Forever 21 sweater // Blouse from clothing swap // Urban Behaviour shorts // H&M tights // Sam & Libby booties // Aldo bracelets & sunglasses // Skagen watch // Old Navy leopard-print heart-shaped studs

{All pictures by Lydia Ko}
This photo makes me laugh because my very demanding photographer was shouting at me to "FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF" my hair... So happy that there was no one else around or I would have died of mortification!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fancy That

Banana Republic jacket // Dynamite dress // BCBG Max Azria sandals // Necklace from The Bay // Urban Planet leggings // Forever 21 cuff and ring // Suzy Shier clutch 
Hello everybody,
 How are you doing? Today I spent my time divided between studying for the two midterms that I have on Thursday, reorganizing my closet (so much better now), getting in a little exercise, and watching Silent Hill 2. Don't ask me why I wasted time on the last one, it was just one of those movies that you watch for no good reason. 
This outfit was one that I actually planned on wearing in Vegas (without the leggings) for one of our nights out. However, as I often tend to do, I changed my mind and ended up wearing entirely different ensembles. I felt like I had to wear this dress at least once since it's been hanging in my closet for at least six months now. I got these BCBG Max Azria heels in the Vegas Premium Outlets for $50! Down from $275, it was quite the steal. Sadly, they are far from comfortable- something I quickly found out after unwisely choosing to wear them for a long night of clubbing. I still can remember how much pain my feet were in by the time we got back to the hotel.

I hope that your week goes well and that if you're in the middle of midterm hell like me, you'll survive until Friday!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Guest Fashionista: Simple and Classic

Hello everyone,
Say hello to one of my best girlfriends, CW, who so kindly volunteered to be my guinea pig so I could learn how to take pictures with my new camera today. Other than being a gorgeous and stylish creature, this girl is always supportive and there for me (and I hope that I'm always there for her). Today she decided to model a dressy casual look with a blazer, lace top, liquid leggings, and cute shoes. Let's take a look!  
(Note to C: hang up your blazers! The same issue cropped up when we were going out in Vegas haha)
H&M blazer // Sergio Ferretti bag // Garage lace tank top // Urban Planet leggings // Lesonda heels (Hong Kong) // Watch- Chi Chi New York crossover with Hello Kitty and Swarovski
Check out that sexy metal detailing on the heels!
I'm probably going to ensnare more of my fashionable friends to be guest features on my blog in the future in order to develop my amateur photography skills, so hope that you enjoyed this one!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Study Break

Hello y'all,
How has your weekend been? Right now I'm taking a much-needed break from studying and work. The last few shifts of work have actually been quite busy so I'm starting to treasure every moment of quiet relaxation that I can get. After a nice night of leisurely reading for school, watching the NBA All-Stars competitions (I thank my boyfriend for that one), and daydreaming about our upcoming trip to San Francisco, I am just about ready to immerse myself once again in academic drudgery. However, before I do so, I took the opportunity to practice my fledgling photography skills on objects that have been recently acquired within the last few days. Up above is my lovely bouquet from Valentine's Day, which has a wonderful addition to my bedroom (which desperately needs some sprucing up). Down below are my newest pairs of shoes: Adrienne heels from Shoemint.com. These shoes were on sale and are actually very comfortable for 4-inch heels. Too bad that they came one day after Valentine's because you can see how fitting they would have been for that holiday.
Some evidence of my hectic study habits.
 Trying to crack open the manual for my Canon 20D- wish me luck!
 My latest fashion obsession: this blogger's style is absolutely flawless and I feel like just drinking in her outfits in the hopes that some of that fabulousness will rub off on me.
I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable weekend that included some of that sunshine that's been randomly joining us lately! 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pink Valentine

BB Dakota trench coat // H&M fur collar and Blazer // Dynamite blouse // Necklace from The Bay // J Brand jeans // Rockport booties // Olivia + Joy bag // Forever 21 ring and bracelets

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I hope that your day was full of love, joy, and delicious treats- mine certainly was! I've been enjoying my week-long break by catching up with good friends, watching movies in bed, and experimenting with my newly-acquired DSLR camera. The camera was a surprise buy; however, it was one that I've been contemplating for a while now since I have had some serious camera-envy lately. I'm already in love with it and am determined to learn how to take better pictures (the manual looks pretty daunting). As well, I have officially booked my tickets to San Francisco in the spring so I am now in super saving mode for my trip. After making so many big purchases lately, this period of money-spending abstinence could not have come sooner. I guess my daydreams of sight-seeing, shopping, and enjoying the best parts of sunny San Fran will have to sustain me during the many weeks which I've banned myself from visiting the malls. 

I can't say that this is my favourite outfit since that necklace was a particularly hard piece to properly style. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing or some accessories that you thought would be a cinch to wear? Until you actually got to wearing it, that is. That is the case with this necklace: I bought it thinking that it would be a cute peter pan collar necklace to just throw on over a shirt. On the contrary, I have yet to find a top in my closet that I can really wear with it without second-guessing my decision. Even in today's outfit, I am irked by the fact that it is slightly askew on my blouse. But whatever, I can't let such a little thing ruin such a utterly wonderful day!