Guest Fashionista: Simple and Classic

Hello everyone,
Say hello to one of my best girlfriends, CW, who so kindly volunteered to be my guinea pig so I could learn how to take pictures with my new camera today. Other than being a gorgeous and stylish creature, this girl is always supportive and there for me (and I hope that I'm always there for her). Today she decided to model a dressy casual look with a blazer, lace top, liquid leggings, and cute shoes. Let's take a look!  
(Note to C: hang up your blazers! The same issue cropped up when we were going out in Vegas haha)
H&M blazer // Sergio Ferretti bag // Garage lace tank top // Urban Planet leggings // Lesonda heels (Hong Kong) // Watch- Chi Chi New York crossover with Hello Kitty and Swarovski
Check out that sexy metal detailing on the heels!
I'm probably going to ensnare more of my fashionable friends to be guest features on my blog in the future in order to develop my amateur photography skills, so hope that you enjoyed this one!


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