Happy New Year (Again)!

Banana Republic jacket // Talula shirt // Cisono pants // Sam Edelman heels // Dynamite belt // H&M scarf // Aldo sunglasses
Hello y'all! Did you all celebrate soundly with some li xi (red packets) and delicious Chinese food tonight? I hope you were enjoying the joyous atmosphere of CNY as much as I was today. As well as receiving some New Year's dough from my boss, I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with loved ones over a lovely meal tonight. Also, it is now the start of my one week break and I am looking forward so incredibly much to utter and complete freedom from school and work. Nevertheless, I can't complain about work- so far it's been a fun and fantastic position! 

The view from the penthouse suite at work.

Although today was quite enjoyable with that amazing sunshine and some bustle at work (I actually felt like I did some real work today!), I couldn't truthfully say that I felt like I was on my mini-vacation yet. However, a beast of a feast with my family for my belated birthday and Chinese New Year, as well as a cheesily entertaining movie (Hansel and Gretel- not worth $15.50), were wonderful starts to the reading break. Now I can only wait in greater anticipation for what is to soon come: catch up with some good friends, high tea, and yet another CNY feast. And you can be sure that I'll definitely be dressing up to the occasion! 


  1. Happy New Year!! I actually did celebrate with Chinese food :) Wow the view from the penthouse is amazing!


    1. Thanks so much Ellie, happy new year to you as well! Yes I love that view :)


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