How to Wear It: Animal Print (Part I)

Forever 21 sweater // Blouse from clothing swap // Urban Behaviour shorts // H&M tights // Sam & Libby booties // Aldo bracelets & sunglasses // Skagen watch // Old Navy leopard-print heart-shaped studs

{All pictures by Lydia Ko}
This photo makes me laugh because my very demanding photographer was shouting at me to "FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF" my hair... So happy that there was no one else around or I would have died of mortification!
Hello everyone,
It was nice to have a photoshoot on a day when it was actually sunny- the rain on my hair, face, and clothes was getting kind of old. Also, since Vancouver is so wishy-washy in the weather department, it was nice to have documented proof that there was indeed sunshine on this particular day. My apologies if I should sorta drained right now, all of my energies lately have been poured into studying for my two midterm exams tomorrow. Thank goodness for the reading break or I don't know how I would have managed to have properly studied for two exams on the same day. 
For this outfit I decided to rock the very popular leopard print trend by pairing this sweater with some jean shorts. I would have worn pleather shorts if they hadn't been irreparably damaged in Vegas (don't ask- it's just my personal advice not to buy those shorts at Forever 21). Instead, I had to make do with these old denim shorts and a shirt that made me look more than a little puffy. Oh well, these things happen, such is life... #firstworldproblems
Points to my awesome photographer for being creative enough to take a photo of my reflection in the door knob.
Hope you all are doing well and are surviving the random switching back and forth between sunshine and rain (and snow at SFU) in our lovely city.


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