Stripes and Sweetheart Shoes

J. Crew jersey // H&M faux-fur gilet // Material Girl jeans // Nine West bag // Forever 21 bracelets // Front & Company studs // Dynamite belt // Skagen watch // ShoeMint Adrienne heels 
Hello y'all!
How have you been dealing with this dreadfully cold Tuesday? As you can see from the images above, I went on a bit of a "red" frenzy. Red lips, pants, and heels- you couldn't stop this awesomeness if you tried. Thankfully, the eyes of my fellow schoolmates were spared today as I chose instead to wear this jersey and gilet with black pants and boots in order to create a more functional and winter-friendly outfit.
I've been having a somewhat interesting day as a girlfriend's random suggestion suddenly spurred the growth of an outrageous idea: I should start writing a book!
Now I currently harbour some serious intentions to become a) a writer or b) someone involved within the publishing industry. So if I have the time, why not hone my writing skills by trying my hand at book-writing?
What might a 20-something-year-old female write about, you ask?
Yep, after having several long and advice-ridden texting conversations with some friends of mine about their dating situations, one of my friends jokingly suggested that I write about book about my experiences, my rules on dating, and all of the hilarious things that come in between. There are probably a lot of funny dating situations that you gals (and maybe guys) would enjoy reading about that are stored away in my brain somewhere. I don't profess to be an omniscient authority on dating but I do think that I know quite a bit about it from my own experiences and shared experiences from many of my close female friends. And since you usually learn best from your own mistakes, you could definitely say that I learned a lot. Because I most certainly have made quite a few. 
I've come up with a tentative name and, like the total keener that I am, have already written a short foreword/introduction. Let's see how this slightly ridiculous endeavour progresses. I don't intend to get this book manuscript published or anything but I would be willing to share it with interested individuals. Who would like to read my book? :P


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