Study Break

Hello y'all,
How has your weekend been? Right now I'm taking a much-needed break from studying and work. The last few shifts of work have actually been quite busy so I'm starting to treasure every moment of quiet relaxation that I can get. After a nice night of leisurely reading for school, watching the NBA All-Stars competitions (I thank my boyfriend for that one), and daydreaming about our upcoming trip to San Francisco, I am just about ready to immerse myself once again in academic drudgery. However, before I do so, I took the opportunity to practice my fledgling photography skills on objects that have been recently acquired within the last few days. Up above is my lovely bouquet from Valentine's Day, which has a wonderful addition to my bedroom (which desperately needs some sprucing up). Down below are my newest pairs of shoes: Adrienne heels from These shoes were on sale and are actually very comfortable for 4-inch heels. Too bad that they came one day after Valentine's because you can see how fitting they would have been for that holiday.
Some evidence of my hectic study habits.
 Trying to crack open the manual for my Canon 20D- wish me luck!
 My latest fashion obsession: this blogger's style is absolutely flawless and I feel like just drinking in her outfits in the hopes that some of that fabulousness will rub off on me.
I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable weekend that included some of that sunshine that's been randomly joining us lately! 


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