A Touch of Easter Pink

 Tobias jacket from Plum // Thrifted skirt // Urban Planet necklace and tights // FFeF booties // Bracelets: American Eagle, Aldo, Forever 21 // Nine West bag // Aldo sunglasses // Dynamite belt
Happy Easter everyone!
Can you believe this weather? It's exactly like summer weather, except in early spring. Not something I expected to happen at all and definitely worth gushing about. Despite the fact that I was cooped out for five hours both yesterday and today, I was able to get out for a lovely run with a friend and got to enjoy my fair share of sunshine. For my Easter Sunday outfit, I was able to wear a skirt and tights without freezing my butt off- not an insignificant feat! However, I was a bit foolish in my decision to wear a wool cardigan just in case it somehow got colder. I'm so glad that my cynical attitude towards this bout of summertime weather was proved completely wrong. Hope you all took advantage of this incredible warmth as well! 


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