Floral Peplum and Sunday Sunshine

Forever 21 dress, necklace, & jacket // Jacob shirt // H&M tights & clutch // Aldo shoes // Jessica Simpson sunglasses // bracelets: Aldo, vintage, Forever 21  
Hello everyone,
Did you get to enjoy this gorgeous Sunday? I was so excited when I saw the sunshine symbol on my weather app a few nights ago and realized that we were going to experience some sunny weather for the first time in what seems like forever! Although I didn't get to spend much time outside today, I did manage to snatch a few moments to bask in this spring-like weather and snap a few shots for a blog post.
In this outfit for work, I made a party dress, worn only once before for New Year's Eve, more functional by adding a plain white shirt underneath and wearing dark tights. I've been wearing my dresses out a lot more lately and it's definitely a good thing since I hate having so many dresses hanging untouched in my closet after wearing them only once.
Anyways, I know that it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow but I'm going to pray for sunshine to visit us again soon anyways! 


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