Springtime Colour

H&M coat // Forever 21 shirt // Material Girl denim // Old Navy earrings // vintage necklace // bracelets: vintage, Forever 21, Aldo // Michael Antonio shoes

Is anyone as surprised and delighted as I am about this sunshine? After what seemed like an eternity of rainy doom and gloom, we've finally been blessed once more with beautiful just-before-spring sunny weather. Now if only it were 25 degrees out there! 
This week was full of interesting surprises, not the least including being ambushed by CTV reporters in one of my history classes... Ok, not quite ambushed, but certainly caught off guard. My fellow presenters and I were given the lovely opportunity to be filmed while presenting on how Canadian Indigenous females have often been stereotyped in modern fiction (think Avatar, Pocahontas, Peter Pan...). After that, we discussed many other issues relating to the situation of Indigenous peoples within Canada while the cameraman stuck his camera in our faces in order to properly film us talking. After that, the reporter asked my presentation group to stay back (an extra HOUR longer) for a more in-depth interview concerning how we viewed the many negative stereotypes and myths surrounding how many Canadians view most Aboriginals. The program is set to air sometime in April on CTV, so perhaps you'll see my 5 minutes of fame on there. 
Anyways, despite the fact that I have lots of school work to finish this weekend, I'm looking forward to finally break my shopping ban of one month with a nice states shopping trip. Wish me luck that I find some awesome deals down there! 


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