Bespectacled Brights

H&M blazer and coat // American Eagle floral denim // ShoeMint heels // Blouse from boutique on Main St. // Vintage earrings // Bracelets: vintage, American Eagle, & Forever 21// BCBGeneration clutch
Hello everyone, 
We have made it to yet another Sunday! The sun is shining and the more serious university students are studying (check out that alliteration...). For the past two days of work, my workload has been as follows: schoolwork/studying (90%), actual work-related activities (10%). Those tall mugs of coffee have helped as well. If you haven't already figured it out, final exam period has hit post secondary institutions and we undergrads are all cramming to get our stuff together. I have one exam tomorrow and another on Wednesday; after those two, I am FINITO. As in, DONE ALL UNDERGRAD COURSES. I just have to complete one more semester in the fall to complete my Honours degree and I will be finally free from school (until I take furthering education courses for technical know-how, sigh). More good news: I got a huge bonus pay cheque today so I am more than ready to go crazy shopping in San Francisco, which is a little more than two weeks away, and to indulge in some post-exam retail therapy tomorrow!
For today's outfit, I turned on the brights in the most random manner. I was planning to wear something completely different but ended up styling my outfit around these bright red heels. This bright blue and red combo is really hit-or-miss; I'll be positive and say it's a semi-hit. Also, I've had to wear glasses for the past week due to a mild eye infection so this will be a rare moment for everyone to see my 'geek chic' (if it can be called that...). Anyways, gotta get back to studying, best of luck to my fellow students and see you all on the other side for summer break!


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