Post-Examination Retail Therapy

 Vince Camuto heels
My latest lip colour obsession: reddish orange. Also, trying out the Sephora brand gel-liner. 
A Touch of Faux Leather
Pleated and Striped: The A-Line Skirt I've been searching for.

Today I went on bit of a shopping spree downtown after finishing my first of two final exams. After venturing for the first time into the store Express, I walked out with a pair of very cute skirts. One indulged my obsession over faux leather and the other was too cute to ignore with its stripes and pleats. As well, I bought a new lip colour for the spring/summer seasons: reddish orange. Can't wait to rock this shade! Last but not least, I bought these lovely but comfortable Vince Camuto heels that will be perfect for the partying that will be taking place after exams are over! ;)


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