Summer Shorts Fantasy

Draped blazer and shoes: H&M // Blouse: Club Monaco // Shorts: Topshop // Bracelets: vintage and Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Material Girl // Belt: Dynamite // Ring: Aldo
(Trying out the inevitable 'hobo chic' sidewalk pose.)

Hello everyone,
Enjoying that sizzling Wednesday weather yet? So far, my first week of freedom has consisted of long brunch and beach side walks with good friends, watching a LOT of movies online (thanks Netflix), and a teensy bit of shopping. I've been trying to curb the spending since I am going to San Francisco in a week! The excitement is there but the nearness of the event hasn't truly sunk in yet. It probably won't do so until I'm actually at the airport.
Anywho, I recently bought this blazer on sale at H&M after falling in love with its print pattern and relaxed draped design- perfect lightweight outerwear for this warm weather! As well, I decided to wear these Topshop shorts that are oh-so-cute but also very short and extremely wrinkle-prone. To top things off, I wore my newest pair of sunnies from Material Girl- the ever popular cat-eye trend. While I was about to buy a much more expensive brand, I decided to go for this much more affordable piece instead since I believe that buying into a brand won't necessarily make you look better. Therefore, when I saw how well these sunglasses fit me (which is a rare thing), I was immediately sold.
Other than the clothes, food, sunshine, and friendships that I've been relishing since my very last exam a week ago, I also completed my third Sun Run race on Sunday. While I got a decent time (47 minutes 43 seconds) for the 10 km run, I was not very happy with myself since I had been hoping to beat my personal best of 45:06 that I had made last year. I know it was entirely my fault since I had not been running nearly as much as I should have been over the last few months. And after the race, I've been suffering from some random foot injuries to boot... Oh well, there is always next year to improve!
Go out and enjoy this amazing summer weather while you can folks!


  1. Cool outfit, love your ring and the way you paired it all :) x


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