Casual Chiffon Chic [San Francisco Edition]

Blouse: Madewell // Skirt: Uniqlo // Hat: H&M // Bracelets: Tiffany & Co., Forever 21 // Flats: Shoemint // Bag: Nine West
Our last day in SF: walking around Hayes Valley and browsing some street vendors.
Our last breakfast at Stacks; I loved the European themed decor.
Happy Friday everyone,
It's been a few days since I got back from my trip but I still have a few more things to post about it- hope it's not annoying anyone! This outfit was one of my favourites from the trip as it combined two great finds made on the first day of shopping: this Madewell lace blouse and the Uniqlo chiffon maxi skirt. Those outfit pictures at the top were taken at the San Francisco airport while we were waiting for our flight, which of course managed to get delayed (the story of my life). Although my poor, unsuspecting boyfriend was busy taking a nap on the seats, I patiently bided my time until he woke up- then I pounced into action and persuaded him to take these photos. He had no chance at all. ;)
Anywho, I had been eyeing Madewell for a while (some of the fashion bloggers that I read often wear this brand) and knew that when I headed down to the states I would be on the lookout for this store. While I had originally wished to buy some heels (click here to see why), the summery sandals that they had on display at the Westfield Mall location didn't appeal to me. So I decided to browse the sales section and was lucky enough to spot this piece reduced from $118 to $50 (it went down even further to $35 with an additional 25% off the final ticketed price)- talk about a good deal!
I had just about finished shopping for the day when the bf wanted to drop by the very large Uniqlo store. While I had no intention of buying anything in this store, I was lucky enough to experience one of those fortuitous moments in shopping when you find exactly what you're looking for in the most unexpected place. When I spotted this skirt and this colour (there were several shades available), I think I made up my mind to buy it in 0.543 seconds. The rest is history!
After getting back from my trip, I was browsing some of my favourite fashion blogs when Helena from Brooklyn Blonde wore a very similar outfit to mine. Just thought I'd share it with you folks since her effortless and pulled-together style is such an inspiration to me.
Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend everyone! I'm off to watch a late night showing of Iron Man 3; I'm pretty excited since I've heard that it's good and RDJ is always good eye candy. ;)


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