Chevron Striped Maxi

 Skirt: Ross // Cropped Fishtail Chiffon Blouse: Nordstrom Rack // 'Royal Ball' Necklace: Ell and Em // Bracelets: Forever 21 // Earrings: Front & Co. // Flats: Shoemint
Hello everyone,
It has been a productive week for me as I have managed to finish or get started on several of the major check marks on my summer break to-do list. For instance, I've been applying for various work positions as I am presently in need of more employment than just on the weekends. After applying for one position downtown, I was contacted a day later and received the opportunity to interview for the job. I wore this outfit in order to accompany one of my close friends to her job interview in North Vancouver as I only expected to be going for a nice breakfast and relaxing walk downtown. However, after getting a last-minute call, I had to prepare for a job interview myself! In desperation, I was forced to switch outfits from this one to my friend's work slacks and loose top. However, both of us felt very uncomfortable in each other's clothing (our sizes are similar but our styles are not). The only solution available to us? Go on a mini-shopping spree at Joe Fresh and H&M. I bought myself a simple office-friendly black blazer while my friend bought herself an entirely new outfit and wore it out of the store!   
Following the interview (update: I got the job just today!), we returned home and I was able to change back into my original outfit that is pictured above. I bought this chevron-striped maxi skirt long before the chevron-stripe faze hit the retail industry hard, so realizing that I had such an up-to-date and "trendy" piece in my closet was a pleasant discovery. Especially since it was actually warm enough outside that particular day to enjoy wearing a skirt. In regard to this blouse, I have for some reason found it to be ridiculously hard to style with any outfit since its sheerness and hi-lo design makes it difficult to pair with most other items in my wardrobe. However, a maxi skirt can never go wrong with a pretty cropped shirt, so I knew that I had finally hit jackpot. Lastly, I am in love with my newest statement accessory, this lovely gold-plated number known as the 'Royal Ball' necklace that I recently purchased online from A style inspired by the ageless style of Jackie O., these metallic over-sized beads give one's outfit a touch of retro-chic and classic glam.  


  1. Amazing skirt! Thanks for your lovely comment and following... I did it now :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love the skirt and the top is beautiful too!!!

  3. love this looK! xjes

  4. absolutely stylish :)
    visit me :

  5. Fantastic. Iwouldnt change anything here. Very nice =) xX

  6. You are look very nice! (:

    I follow U via GFC
    Hope U will do the same (:

  7. You look very good, sweetie! I like your blouse together with that skirt- perfect match! :)


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