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 Blouse: J. Crew // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (via // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Shoemint // Necklace: Joe Fresh
Rainy Saturdays have never looked so good ever since I started my new job and am no longer obligated to work on weekends. As a reward to myself (for doing nothing really, but I like to justify big spending somehow), I bought my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag a few days ago from Although it was "on sale," the "free" express shipping made the total purchase about the same as the original price. At least it arrived within the next two days! I chose this piece for its classic design and neutral colouring that are sure to make it a go-to item for many years to come. Also, as you can probably tell, this bag is HUGE. Big bags are my weakness because I'm always so happy that I can fit a small city in them; however, they are my downfall because I always end up putting way too much junk in there and ruining my bags. This time I'm determined to treat this bag like my first precious baby by using the dustbag constantly and watching where I place it in public. 
Anywho, while the boyfriend is away for his friend's bachelor party trip, I've been spending quality time with girl friends and today I'm going shopping with my brother downtown to look for some crucial items on my to-find checklist. Wish me luck! 


  1. awesome outfit!
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  2. This is so gorgeous, love the blouse!!!

  3. You look so pretty, this is such a chic and striking printed ensemble!

  4. Loving that MJ hangbag, Debbie!! Great addition to your collection and I'm sure it will be great for travelling too.



  5. Woow you look very pretty! Love the hair and teh bag.



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