Lace on Mother's Day

 Blazer: Dynamite // Blouse: Madewell // Pants: H&M // Necklace: The Hudson Bay Company // Shoes: Vince Camuto // Bracelets: Forever 21
Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Although it's a rainy Sunday, I find that my spirits are flying high at the moment after spending some quality time with my mom and the rest of the family (excepting my eldest brother who is currently living in Hong Kong). While you should always try your hardest to appreciate the special people in your life, it's so easy to lose yourself in the ups and downs of daily living and to take your loved ones for granted. I admit that I'm more than a little guilty of having that attitude towards my mother. I'm pretty sure I complain about her more than I compliment her, even though she is undoubtedly an amazing woman of many talents and wonderful character.  
While I usually despise the way in which she nags me about the messy state of my room, how many shoes and clothes I buy, and random things about school and work, I know that everything she does is for the benefit of myself and the rest of my family. I know that she and my father have sacrificed so much in order to provide a privileged and easy lifestyle for me and my brothers. She has made me a better person in every way and I can always look back to appreciate how right she was about almost everything- from relationships to school to life in general (even though it sometimes pains me to admit it). More than anyone else, my mother pushes me everyday to be the best person I can possibly be, whether that be doing well in school (she was the one who made me such a huge nerd), choosing my future career path, or improving my often flawed character. Just today she wrote an email to my absentee brother in which she stated how proud she was of my writing abilities and of how fashionable I am (something I was astonished to read since I always thought she found my obsession with fashion to be frivolous and silly). Although I will never fully realize just how much I owe to my mother for everything she has done, I can only try my best to make her proud in any way I can. 
My mother, like so many other mothers, is a superwoman. She somehow manages to juggle work, taking care of my family, household chores, pest infestations, and a full academic workload (she's working towards an undergraduate music degree)- all while being a very involved, full-time mother. As well, I always know I can depend upon her to listen to my problems, offer me valuable and viable advice, and to be my biggest comfort when I am feeling down.

So I'm thanking you, Mom, for nagging me about the little things and those many, slightly questionable words of wisdom (ex. wearing mascara will make my eyelashes fall out, red lipstick and nail polish are only for prostitutes, never spend a cent without thinking twice about it, etc.). I love you so unbelievably much! 


  1. beautiful outfit!! i love your pants!


  2. i like your outfit so much :)
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  4. Great outfit. love the blazer, perfect color. also the pants are
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  5. mixing texture + print + metallics is very riskfull, but you did great job

  6. This combination is perfect, I love your blazer.




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