Silk tee: Club Monaco // Shorts: H&M (via Santana Row in San Jose) // Heels: Zara (San Francisco) // Bag: Michael Kors (San Francisco) // Necklace: Material Girl // Bracelets: Aldo, Forever 21 // Earrings: Front & Co. 

Hello everyone,
I haven't quite fully recovered from the devastating loss that was the 0-4 blowout by the San Jose Sharks against the Canucks. If anyone else is mourning with me, I feel your pain. However, we still have to count our blessings, which includes this wonderful weather, and remember that hockey is not everything (even though it sure as heck feels like it right now). 
Anyways, to cheer myself up from this funk, I wore my brightest buys from San Francisco, including my new Michael Kors bag (from the latest collection), these Zara heels, and a pair of print shorts from H&M. After walking into the Westfield mall located in Union Square of San Fran, I immediately sighted several stores which I wanted to hit: Madewell, Michael Kors, Zara, H&M, J. Crew, and Mango. I am a very strategic shopper so I usually make a mental list of what items I'm looking for, I target the stores I want to check out, I get in, I get out. All as fast as possible since, contrary to popular belief, I cannot survive for a million hours on end in a mall. My eyes tend to dry out and I get this attractive red-eyed look. 
To get back on track, I managed to find some amazing deals in each and every store; however, in the interests of sticking to my budget, I had to narrow down my choices. The bright pink neon Michael Kors, which sold for $230, was a must-have, as well as these closed-toe, ankle-strapped heels from Zara. Also, I spotted this pair of shorts in H&M about five seconds after walking into the store- are they available in Canada? If so, whatever, I knew I had to get them no matter what. Their print reminds me of J. Crew patterns, but at a fraction of the price. Lastly, I paired those items with a light pastel silk tee from Club Monaco. According to the InStyle magazine that I read on the flight to San Fran, silk tees with print are going to be the hottest summer items as they give the wearer easy chic and breezy wearability. All the better for me! 


  1. Gorgeous outfit!! i love your necklace and bag!!


  2. Beautiful look, love your heels!!!

  3. Love the look! :) your blog is great!
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    hugs from Asia

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