ShoeDazzled: The Top 5 Heels You Need for Summer

If you're anything like me (and most North Americans), you've probably fantasized numerous times throughout the year about lying on a white sand beach under some shady palm trees while sipping on a delicious cocktail. While we may be subjected to dismal weather conditions while living in less tropical climes, there is an easy solution to putting yourself in a more cheerful mood for summer- shoes! 

  Recently, I was asked by the lovely staff at ShoeDazzle (via to join their sponsored campaign to promote their very desirable shoes and accessories. If you don't already know, ShoeDazzle is an online personal-styling site that uses innovative methods in order to provide you with fashionable and affordable footwear and accessories that will best suit your own style. While the company's founders include Brian Lee, Robert Shapiro, Kim Kardashian, and MJ Eng, ShoeDazzle's Chief Stylist is Rachel Zoe, a world-renowned fashion icon, designer, and stylist. ShoeDazzle carries their own brand as well as offering designer brands such as Chinese Laundry, Seychelles, Dolce Vita, Michael Antonio, and Beau+Ashe. They are constantly adding new brands that they know their clients will love!

As someone who is relatively new to the world of online-shopping, I'm often on the look-out for reliable and trustworthy sites to shop while navigating the often mind-boggling array of online stores. While ShoeDazzle won me over with its excellent selection of shoes and accessories, its extremely reasonable prices and many promotions were more than enough to seal the deal with this frugal fashionista. When you first visit the site, take a quick personalized quiz and you will be provided with a monthly showroom that is tailored to your unique taste and style preferences. After taking the quiz to gain access to your showroom, you can make a purchase within 2 days of taking the quiz and get 25% off your first item ordered. Click here to take the quiz and save! 

Take a look at some of my summertime favourites below (you can also click on the collage to be taken to 
1. Cindy by Madison: (down from $43.95 to $35.16) I think I might buy this pair for myself- the adorable stripes and playful colour combination are perfect for that night out on the town or for sipping margaritas while sitting at a beach-side patio.  

2. McKinley: (down from $39.95 to $31.96) This dainty pair of laser-cut and cut-out heels are perfect for wearing to that fancy garden or beach party that you've been looking forward to attending. It is imperative that these shoes be paired with that adorable dress that you've been hiding in the closet all winter; it's time to break out of those cold seasonal blues and wear your brightest and prettiest pieces.    

3. Anya: (down from $39.95 to $31.96) Charming and cute, these heels combine two of the hottest trends: kitten heels and nautical-themed prints. The perfect height to be comfortably worn in any venue and on any occasion, these anchor-patterned shoes are a summertime must-have!  

4. Tayson by Michael Antonio: (down from $129.00 to $103.20) While I don't usually like to wear gigantic platforms (I prefer sleeker designs, such as stilettos), these turquoise chunky heels steal the show with their bold and breathtaking colour. As well, the genuine leather and metallic-enhanced banana heels are details that cannot help but make this the perfect showcase piece for your shoe closet.

5. Nilda by Madison: (down from $44.95 to $35.96) In addition to its eye-catching colour and attractive metallic accents, the comfortable yet cute heel design of these shoes make it an essential part of a beautiful and bright summer wardrobe. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this post- be sure to check out some of ShoeDazzle's wonderfully affordable and trendy shoe and accessory collections that will be sure to compliment your soon-to-be-enjoyed summer closet.

Note: While this post is generously sponsored by ShoeDazzle, all opinions expressed within this blog are exclusively mine. 


  1. Love the third pair, so cute!

    Have the best weekend ever,

  2. The first one is so beautiful!! Amazing post!!

  3. I love the design of number 1!! So pretty!! I am from Canada and definitely dream of the ocean .. especially when yesterday it was so cold! xo


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