The Hunt Is On... For Great Fashion!

Have you ever seen a fabulous pair of shoes on some site like Pinterest or Tumblr but had no clue about how to find it for yourself? Or how to get the best deal on a particular party dress that you've been eyeing for ages? Or maybe you just don't know how to style that amazing necklace that for some reason or another doesn't seem to go with anything in your closet? Today I'm excited to tell you about this amazing new site called The Hunt. The Hunt is a community that tracks down the items you covet but don’t know where to find or how to style. The Hunt’s community is open to everyone. Any member can start their own hunt and solve other members’ hunts by adding finds.

Why you would want to begin a "Hunt":
1) Creating a designer look for less
2) Styling /completing an outfit
3) Finding similar products from a picture
4) Locating an exact product

Some members are simply passionate about The Hunt, often describing it as fun, rewarding, validating, and challenging. Those that solve particularly love earning "gems," "perfects" and getting thanks via comments. The community thrives on consistent give and take.

For myself, I had been looking for the perfect over-sized bauble necklace for what seemed like an eternity to pair with distressed blue jeans and a print sweater- a look I lusted after when I saw it on the blog FashionHippieLoves.

I also had been looking for an over-sized pearl necklace like this amazing piece worn by Krystin of Suburban Faux-Pas.

When I visited The Hunt’s website, I was prompted to join the hunt in two easy ways: Facebook or email.

After a quick and easy sign-up, I was immediately given several options by which I could upload images of the coveted items: uploading them from my desktop, through a URL link, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

I then wrote a brief title and description about the pieces that I was looking for, my preferred price range, and choose which type of hunt I wished to begin (ie. "Similar to this," "This look for less," "What goes with this," "This exactly"). My search would then become visible to other members of The Hunt community, who would then begin searching for my particular item.

After about fifteen minutes, some kind stranger had already found me an over-sized white bauble necklace! Be sure to create a profile for yourself in order to better connect with other community members and to begin hunting for great "gems" for others to enjoy!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the efficiency and convenience of this site. Begin the Hunt yourself here!

Note: While this post is generously sponsored by The Hunt, all opinions expressed within this blog are exclusively mine.


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