Bedroom Decor Revamping: Ikea and Urban Barn

Hello everyone,
I have finally gotten around to updating a long neglected aspect of my life: my bedroom décor. After some serious speculation, I've deduced that about 80% of my bedroom is composed of Ikea-derived items. Such is the life of a student on a budget!  
This little craze of mine started when I bought a discounted duvet from (down from $200-300 to $40) and I realized that I needed to buy a duvet cover and matching pillow case. After checking Ikea’s inventory, I found this bright, graphic design for the extraordinarily cheap price of $12.99. 

However, being the curious online shopper that I am, I discovered that there were other amazing deals to be found. For instance, I found this amazing metal-and-glass laptop table for only $35! Even more, it comes with a handy-dandy place to keep any messy laptop cables from cluttering up your floor (I’ve tripped over those many a time).  
I also got this cheap nightstand for $49.99 at Ikea. I randomly started assembling it at around 12pm-1am at night, who knew that assembling Ikea furniture could be such a relaxing and therapeutic endeavour?

Next on the list will be some new mirrors, both a circle and a long one, and a space-saving bookcase. 
Lastly, I made some unexpected purchases at the Urban Barn outlet (clearance items 50-70% off) near the PoCo Costco (after an unexpected Costco expedition with the BF). First, my eye was caught by this striking pillow design of a coloured bird sitting atop a black and white cage. I’ve always had a fascination with cages since I was a child (I hope I’m not the only one) and the fact that the bird was set free from this one somehow made it even better! 

Secondly, I bought this antique-looking candle-holder to spice up the general atmosphere of my bedroom.
Featuring my newest nail polish from Urban Outfitters that was on sale for 25 cents!
Have you done any bedroom revamping lately? Feel free to share any tips with me on how to jazz up my room even more!

Here's a little random Vine video that I took while shopping at Urban Fare. While it's certainly not the greatest quality, it was a fun app to play around with (while acting like complete dorks).


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