Culottes: Cute or Curious?

 Culotte Shorts: Zara // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Bracelets: Forever 21 // Blouse: Madewell // Shoes: Shoemint // Necklace: The Hudson Bay Company // Sunglasses: Aldo // Watch: Skagen // Earrings: vintage

When I was small, I wore culottes not to be cool but as a practical solution to my tomboyish ways, which often resulted in dirty clothing, scraped knees, and decidedly unfeminine mannerisms. As a result, I was forced to maintain some semblance of girlhood by wearing shorts that looked like skirts. Looking at me now, I agree that it is a little hard to believe that I once spurned dresses for my brothers' hand-me-downs, but I assure you that it's the truth! Over the years, I guess I realized just how fun it was to play dress up. 
Moving on, I recently discovered that Zara had found a way to make culottes look quite amazing. After seeing these shorts on more than a few of my favourite bloggers, I knew that I had to have this piece. During a long and productive shopping trip with the boyfriend yesterday, I stalked and found the last XS size of these shorts at the Richmond Centre Zara- victory! Do you think they were worth the hunt?


  1. awesome look !
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  2. Beautiful look dear, I love it!!!!!!

  3. amazing skirt :)
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    follow me and the I will follow you :)

  4. ohh my gosh! you are SO adorable!
    love that lace top! cute pics:*

    Emma xx

  5. i love this outfit!!


  6. That necklace is seriously breathtaking. You look amazing! Fabulous post, love.

    xo, Anna

  7. You look very nice in this outfit! Those shorts are adorable!

  8. I feel left out that I don't have this short - I feel like EVERY blogger has it! Very cute.

  9. really gorgeous outfit and thank you for your comment in my blog (:
    yes,we should follow each other by blog x i follow,so follow me back


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