High Waisted at the Lake

Chiffon Shirt: Forever 21 // Denim Shorts: Zara // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Rings: H&M // Necklace: Joe Fresh // Wedges: Expression (The Bay) 

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was yet another hot summer day in what feels like an eternity of good weather that we've been enjoying lately here in Vancouver. The BF and I enjoyed a couples massage and facial ($124 as part of a Groupon deal) at the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey, had dim sum with his parents, worked out at our gym, and basically passed out cold when we got home. After a super hectic and emotionally tough week, a chill and relaxing day was exactly what I needed to recover. However, the fun doesn't stop there: I'm getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow, watching The Wolverine at night, and enjoying some girl-time while shopping on Wednesday! Although I won't be able to enjoy sleeping in late over the next few work-free days, I won't mind as much since I'll be waking up for the sake of fun activities.   
For this outfit, I wore this grid-patterned chiffon shirt from Forever 21 (on sale for $12!) that I especially bought for the sheer black sleeves. I find that they are both chic and sexy, yet not unnecessarily revealing. Also, I've been wearing these high-waisted denim shorts repeatedly over the past while- I find that they are the perfect summertime clothing staple that goes with just about anything.  

How have you been soaking up the sunshine these days?


  1. lovely outfit !
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  2. Love the outfit! Can't believe that lovely blouse only cost $12!

    Way to go!

  3. Those shorts are gorgeous, love how you paired this look dear!! You look amazing!!!


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    1. following you via bloglovin, too :)
      Have a nice day

  5. Such a perfect outfit!



  6. I love the outfit!
    The necklace is so nice <3
    You have a very cool Blog
    Here's mine,

  7. Love the dressier top with the casual shorts! And that gold chain necklace is so pretty. I love how chunky it is. Love that bag. I actually wanted to buy it online from Nordstrom last winter, but it was already sold out!! I'm actually visiting Vancouver this coming weekend with my boyfriend. I hope the weather will be nice : )


  8. Hey :-)
    Your blog is great, i really like your blog <3
    Can we follow each other ?
    Pls let me know :-*

    x, Lara - *MyLittleWildflower*

  9. Hey Doffy!
    Thank you so much for your lovely note, it is wonderful to "e-meet" you, I look forward to working with you and your team!
    xo Cara


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