Romper in the Woods

Romper: Old Navy (old) // Wedges: Wild Diva (via clothing swap) // Bag: Olivia + Joy // Bracelets: Ardene // Necklace: Forever 21 // Cross earrings: Material Girl // Sunglasses: Aldo  

Hello everyone,
The BF and I decided to check out a local park near his place yesterday as we had recently noticed that it had been somewhat 'renovated' or revamped in order to make it more accessible for the general public. Although it still isn't the most tempting of recreational areas, they cleared some of the trees from the forested area so that park-goers would feel safer venturing into that area. The park is most attractive to dog-owners as it features a dog-park where dogs can play and interact within a fenced area, as well as a large, open field for running around. 
Until we get our own puppy, we will only be going there when we need a biking shortcut (we both bought bikes for ourselves the other day- talk about an impulse buy!) to the nearby mall or when we need to take pictures for my blog. ;) 
In terms of this outfit, I was wondering to myself the other day about why I hadn't worn this wrinkled romper number yet since it is perfect for summertime weather. I was thinking about the possibility of ironing it but remembered that it wrinkles in approximately 50 seconds anyways; as a result, I decided to just go with it and pretend that the wrinkles add to the draped design. Humour me and let me continue believing in this fantasy, please! However, after wearing it for an entire day, I was soundly reminded of how annoying it was to go to the bathroom in this kinda of getup and I am seriously rethinking my intentions of buying a pantsuit in the near future... So, nay or yea to pantsuits? What say you?


  1. Beautiful outfit, love the romper. the wedges are so cool!!! and the photos too!!!
    Happy weekend:)

  2. cool outfit!
    visit my blog :

  3. Love the otudit, but makeup is so cute and little bun, its just perfect with this ootd. LOVE IT! Well done =) xx

  4. Definitely a great outfit :)
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)

  5. So stylish, I love it!



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