A Bold Bow and Faux Leather

Top: Forever 21 (via this year's clothing swap) // Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 Outlet at Seattle Premium Outlets // Necklace: Topshop // Bracelet: vintage // Shoes: last year's clothing swap // Bag: Nine West

Hello everyone,
How is your week going so far? The last few weeks have been going by in a whirlwind of activity and work so it's nice to take a breather here and there to look back on what has happened. Yesterday, I went to see Elysium, which I highly recommend for great action, acting, and plot, at the new Landmark Cinemas with a bunch of friends. The main reason we went to that particular theatre was that it offers the cheapest movie tickets in Vancouver. For instance, matinee and student-rate tickets are $8, normal tickets are $10, and Tuesday tickets are a mere $5! Also, you are given the option of choosing your seats ahead of time, which means that you don't have to go to there 50 mins early to save seats. Moreover, our film got disrupted yesterday when some technical difficulties resulted in the screen turning blank for several crucial moments of the movie. As a happy result, each movie-goer received two free movie passes in order to make up for the inconvenience! 

In regard to this outfit, I got this cute butterfly-style top from a clothing swap that I attended last Wednesday. If you haven't had a clothing swap before, I highly suggest trying it out as it is an extremely fun event to host with some girl friends. You not only save money on clothing, save the environment by recycling clothes, and clean out space in your closet, but you also have a great time reminiscing about certain clothing items with the girls, fighting (in a civil manner) over pieces that you both want, and obtaining lots of treasures that your friends for some reason didn't want anymore. Our rules: only bring relatively new, unused clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and beauty products that you know others would want to take. Additionally, we use peaceful methods such as Rock Paper Scissors to resolve disputes between gals who both want the same item. 

I also bought this faux-leather trimmed pencil skirt from the new Forever 21 at the Seattle Premium Outlets. While the store was much like any other Forever 21 store, it featured a huge sales section in which I managed to find this skirt for a mere $10! I have a slight obsession with faux-leather items lately- the next item in my wish list is a faux-leather baseball cap. As well, I found this adorable bow necklace from Topshop for $6, which was further discounted by 10% under their student rate policy. Some good finds, n'est-ce pas?


  1. you look so beautiful !
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  2. great look ^^ Your blog is a real inspiration!
    I would be glad to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin <3


  3. Love the pairing of the shirt with the skirt :)


  4. Love this necklace!!! so stunning!!, cute blog!!, do you like follow other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


  5. This look is perfect, You look gorgeous dear! I love the skirt and the blouse!


  6. this outfit looks absolutely amazing! love it!

    i was wondering if we could follow each other :)

    let me know, i would be very happy :)

    svetlana from Lavender Star

  7. thanks for your lovely comment!
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  8. Cute! I like the skirt



  9. Oh my goodness Debbie, this is my favorite outfit of yours!!! I love everything about it. I love that skirt so much!!! I can't believe you got it at Forever 21. It looks so nice. I love the color of your blouse and the wide sleeves. And that bow necklace is so girly and adorable. Haha, the Seattle Premium Outlets! I think I'm actually going there this weekend! This is such a chic high fashion outfit! : )



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