Polka Dot Tea Parties and Spa Dates

Note those adorable sugar icing flowers on the sugar cubes.
There are few things that rival spending quality time with some high quality people. This past Tuesday I was fortunate enough to attend a lovely (and slightly kooky) tea party and spa day at the wonderful residence of LP of Fashion To The Nine. We were joined by the very stylish and highly amusing Sarah, who will soon be starting a blog of her own. Although these pictures make our time together seem sophisticated and lady-like, I'll let you know that we were more than comfortable enough with each other to be our strange and weird selves. 
The lovely ladies and I.
From left to right: blueberry muffins, cream-cheese-icing red velvet cupcakes, cucumber sandwiches, and bagels with cream cheese salmon spread. 
A very tasty yogurt parfait treat with raspberries.
LP also set up a facial and manicure station for us while we watched random movies on Netflix.
(More photos after the jump.)
LP's mom, one of the cutest and nicest hostesses ever, insisted on making us endless amounts of amazing snacks that we chomped down in ecstasy.
These Sri Lankan breadrolls, which contained chicken and veggies inside the delicious bread batter, were a delicious treat for us to eat while discussing random subjects, like how awkward it is to see old high school classmates, how those sneaky sexual innuendos have been incorporated into Disney films, and other miscellaneous topics.
And what blogger date would be complete without some outfit picture-taking?
I had a grand time with these amazing ladies and can't wait until our next date!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Lovely photos.



  2. I must organise something like this for me and my friends! Looks like a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. This tea party looks SO cute! Sometimes all you need is a day to indulge yourself with your friends :)

    Xo, Hannah


  4. Great photos! I love tea parties...the cupcakes looks really yummy!! >__<

    Natalia xo


  5. Wow, this place looks amazing!!! What a fun girls day. I've wanted to go get high tea around Seattle with some girlfriends. Very cute photos!


  6. I love the photos, it looked like a lot of fun. But i cant stop thinking about those delicious muffins on the table!!:))


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