Vegas Highlights [Part 1]

Although Vegas is not exactly a city made for meaningful or peaceful vacation experiences, it does have its own charms. Let's take a look back at some of my favourite moments from the trip! 

Our satisfactory view from our sub-par hotel room at the Monte Carlo. Don't ever go there if you expect to have wifi in your room- they only provide "ethernet" and free wifi way down in the lobby.

Ze pool. I went there three days in a row but was too exhausted on the last day to make it down even though they just happened to be playing the best and most current music on that day! 

The wave pool!

Loved spending time, however limited, with this gorgeous sweetie-pie! She and her boyfriend were on a different time schedule from us since he had never been to Vegas before and needed to get in all of the mandatory tourist attractions.

All that I got of the Blue Man Group experience during my stay at the Monte Carlo.

(More photos after the jump.)

The boyfriend having a bit too much fun with Hibiscus Vodka and a random balloon that we found the hallway outside of our rooms. 

Outfit of the Night: H&M blouse // Express skirt // Steve Madden sandals // Michael Kors bag // Ell and Em necklace

Some of the super fancy decorations at the Jean Phillipe Patisserie, the best being this lovely woman made entirely of chocolate. 

For the end of the first night, we bought an almond croissant and coffee from Jean Philippe in order to test out this fancy place. I was prepared to be blown away since I had heard good things about this place and I adore almond croissants; sadly, I was greatly disappointed as the croissant turned out to be nothing special.

Our lovely companions: R & S.

Sightseeing at Aria hotel during the first night.

On the first day, we also went to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar's Palace, which apparently was reviewed to be one of the best buffets in Vegas right now. I loved the seafood section the best; however, the dessert section was what wowed me the most- ice cream mochi, sorbet, macarons galore, cake pops, tiramisu pops, you name it!

My very first Cirque du Soleil truthfully should have been the Beatles Love show; however, due to unfortunate timing, we were only able to get tickets to this adult show called Zumanity. It was good, no doubt; however, the nudity took a little getting used to!

Outfit of the Day #2: Urban Outfitters lace top // American Eagle Outfitters shorts // H&M hat
A little sightseeing at the Bellagio hotel that was connected to the Monte Carlo by a very convenient tram. After this, we taxied to the Fashion Show Mall where I made good use of the summer sales and deals offered there!

As part of a long-running inside joke, my boyfriend and I have always discussed whether he should paint his nails since I usually am painting mine some color or another. However, it took about two years before he finally let his virgin fingernails be touched by the stuff! After painting two of his nails black the night before we left for Vegas, he decided he would take the plunge and get a black rocker manicure at the Fashion Show Mall. I must say I was pretty impressed by his resolve!

Since our hotel rooms didn't provide wifi (ridiculous!), we always went down the Starbucks amongst the hotel shops for comfortable seats and free wifi. 

Outfit of the Night #2: Topshop crop top // Zara shorts // Forever 21 necklace // Ardene bracelets
 Taking advantage of the more lax alcohol laws: this is a giant can of beer (it seriously tasted like beer-flavoured water).

Well, that in large part covers the first two nights and days!


  1. The photos are amazing, love the different looks!! I haven't been to vegas in a year. I usually go at least ones or twice a year. But i can tell you guys had a great time there. can't wait for more pictures!!

  2. Awesome photos, looks like you had a great time!


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  11. Oh man, I think I've been to Vegas one too many times... I've been to all the places in your pictures! That's really cool you were able to see a show while you were there. I've been inside the lobby at Monte Carlo, but never actually stayed there. I'd say you had a meaningful trip : )



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