Vegas Highlights [Part II]

 Outfit of the Night: Topshop dress // Forever 21 necklace // Zara heels // Michael Kors bag

Welcome to my very last and very belated post on my Vegas trip (it took place a month ago but it feels like much longer). Summer is nearly over and it's already becoming a little strange to remember the 40-something-degree heat that I was experiencing over in the Nevada desert. On our third night, we went out for a very fancy and expensive dinner at Strip Steak over at the Mandalay Bay hotel. Before that, we went over to the very lovely (and clean-smelling) Vdara Hotel and Spa. Since it was a spa and not a casino, that hotel was so refreshing to walk around and breathe in! I would definitely want to stay there if I ever go back in the near-ish future.

Taking self-timer pictures in our friend's very enviable suite, which was complete with a giant bathroom and a kitchenette.
(Excuse the grainy photos in this post- sometimes an Iphone was just the most convenient picture-taking tool at hand.)

Another restaurant, Charlie Palmer's, at Mandalay Bay that is famous for its sky-high wine collection and for the staff who apparently perform acrobatic stunts in order to reach said alcoholic beverages.

Our complimentary fries, of which our favourite were the fries fried in truffle sauce or something equally as fancy.

My delicious filet mignon. While it was quite sizeable, it had nothing on my boyfriend's Jurassic-sized porterhouse steak that was a whopping 30 oz.! 

Our sides: spinach souffle and... 

Asparagus and Potato au Gratin. Delish!

After dinner, we headed out for some entertainment at Surrender Nightclub at the Encore Hotel. Unlike the last time I had gone there, I actually got about 3 free drinks from the open bar as well as free admission. Definitely one of the times in which it rocks to be a lady!

On the same day, we also did a bunch of random things such as eating ordering delicious waffles from the stand that we passed by everyday on the way to our hotel's tram...

And getting our ears pierced again...

The next day we somehow were awake enough to enjoy a walk through Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef. While we had wanted to try out the gun range, we couldn't find a great deal for the activity and we also didn't have the appropriate clothing or shoes to participate (long-sleeves, shoes and socks- who wears those in that kind of weather??).

We both look dead.

That night we ate a lovely dinner at the Tao Restaurant and Nightclub at the Venetian hotel. Those delicious sushi rolls, kobe beach, and delectable scallops were definitely worth our money!

A blurry picture at The Venetian before our dinner. This skintight dress from Topshop was most probably an unwise choice for a dinner...

Until next time Vegas!


  1. Beautiful photos, you look gorgeous dear. It looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  2. wow that white dress you wore is gorgeous!
    and looks like you had lots of fun!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  3. nice picuters and i realy like the dress from the first pic :)

    svetlana from Lavender Star

  4. That red lipstick looks awesome on you, especially in that beautiful white dress.

    So muuch funn! I'm glad you did :)

    you can visit my blogsphere if you wish, and we can follow each other - X

  5. Really nice white dress and great photos!! You seem that had a great time there! :)

    Natalia xo


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