Monday, 30 September 2013

Instagram September & PUB 101

A lovely BBQ and games night for this lovely lady's birthday. Feels like you're 22!
Beat the rainy day blues away with this delicious New York cheesecake.
 Waterfront in downtown Vancouver back when it was still sunny.... 
This cutie pie (my tenant's cat) came into my life at the beginning of this month, aka #thecatdownstairs. 
For a Publishing 131, I was supposed to scout out a store for a project. Of course, I ended up buying some things for myself...
Also for my Publishing 131 project. Drawing for the first time in too long!
Just one part of our relaxing and very cheap IKEA lunch: meatballs!
I bought this strange novelty item from Chapters (a handholder for your phone) and this cute little umbrella from the Vancouver Art Gallery gift shop.
Lastly, I bought this camera pencil sharpener as a small farewell gift for one of my oldest friends who is leaving for Toronto. Unfortunately, she had already been given this exact item previously by a friend's mom! Not being one to waste, I promptly started using it as part of my own bedroom decor.

If you wish to read my post for my Publishing 101 class regarding my various gadgets and blog customizations, keep reading past the jump. 
If not, have a great week everyone!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Retro Chic in 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target

Dress and Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target // Pleather Jacket: Forever 21 // Tights: H&M // Necklace: Ell and Em // Earrings: Front & Co. // Shoes: Aldo

Happy Saturday everyone! Although it's raining cats and dogs out there, my present mood is inexplicably positive and upbeat. Actually, it probably has something to do with the fact that life has been full of opportunities for self-improvements lately and I feel that I've been living up those daily challenges. For instance, within the two publishing courses in which I currently am enrolled, I have been happily engaged in learning more and more about the publishing industry's inner workings and finer technical details. As I wish to establish a career within this vocational sphere in the (hopefully) near future, I find every lecture and lab absolutely fascinating and relevant as I learn new skills and knowledge pertaining to my future livelihood. From the hierarchy of publishing houses to distinguishing the difference between properly or improperly kerned letters, I've been absorbing in new information like an overly-keen sponge. 
On another note, I was happy to wear my eye-catching leopard print dress from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection along with my greatly-discounted Forever 21 jacket on a rainy Sunday. When buying my morning Starbucks coffee, the kind barista remarked that he loved my outfit as it was "so retro chic" (hence the title of my post). There's nothing like an unexpected compliment to put a smile on your face!

Lastly and most importantly, I have chosen the winners of my Romeo & Juliet advanced screening ticket giveaway:
- Lisa Yee
-Nadine Chan (due to unavailability)
-Susanna Hoy

I will be contacting each of the winners shortly via email with downloadable copies of your tickets!
Be sure to say hi to me as I'll also be there to see the movie on September 30th at 7 pm at the Scotiabank Theatre!  

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Foxy in 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target

Fox Print Sweater: Old Navy // Skirt and Crossbody Satchel Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target // Fur Vest: Material Girl via The Hudson Bay Company // Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction // Necklace: Topshop // Bracelet: vintage

There are few things more mortifying for today's female than to suddenly spot another girl sporting the same clothing item that you are currently wearing. It gets even worse when the other person is about 10 years younger than you and clearly has her parents buy all of her clothes (in my defense, the last time that happened was in Vegas and it was an Urban Outfitters lace top, not some Hello Kitty tee). When I saw Jen Tam of "her waise choice" wearing this fox sweater in this post, I knew that I had to have that geeky fox for my own wardrobe. However, about 15 minutes after I had bought the darn thing, I saw another girl wearing it on the bus I was taking downtown. After scrambling to hide any telltale signs of my sweater that were sticking out of my Old Navy bag, I became deeply contemplative on the issue of how certain items just become too overplayed; which was very saddening since I adore the cute print of this sweater!
On another note, this is the first post in which I wore some of my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target stash: this skater skirt and the crossbody satchel bag. While the quality of the materials certainly suffered in making Lim's pieces affordable, I did find that the simple yet elegant designs made up for any shortcomings. Also, while fall has strongly made its presence known over the last few days, skirts still remain favourite items in my sartorial vocabulary. As long as I cover up the rest of my body with warmer supplements, such as this faux fur vest, I'm good to go!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Romeo & Juliet: Advanced Screening Tickets Giveaway

Hello everyone,
I have a special treat for all of my Vancouver readers today: advanced screening tickets to the latest version of Romeo & Juliet! I must admit that when I first heard about this movie, I was less than ecstatic since this play has been adapted into film on numerous occasions and I felt that it was overkill to do it once more. However, when I learned more about this particular film, I became increasingly intrigued and excited to watch it! First and foremost, it's a British adaptation (which hopefully will translate into a sophisticated and highly-romantic rendition of this timeless tale) full of good-looking, young actors. Need I say more? But if you think I do, read below for more details:
   Adapted by Academy Award® winning writer Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park, Downton Abbey) and directed by Carlo Carlei (The Fight of the Innocent), ROMEO & JULIET stars Academy Award® nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) and Douglas Booth (LOL) as the iconic star-crossed lovers. The film will release nationwide on October 11th, 2013 by D Films.

The ageless story from the world's most renowned author is re-imagined for the 21st Century by Julian Fellowes and director Carlo Carlei.  This adaptation is told in the lush traditional setting it was written, but gives a new generation the chance to fall in love with the enduring legend. In addition to Steinfeld and Booth, the all-star cast includes Academy Award® nominated Paul Giamatti (Sideways), Emmy winner Damian Lewis (Homeland), Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and At World's End) and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl).
I must admit that at the mention of Downton Abbey (I am a sucker for British dramas), my curiosity was peaked; as well, the fact that the very handsome, ex-Burberry model Douglas Booth will be starring as the dashing Romeo was a definite plus in my books. Additionally, I just adore Ed Westwick (he was my favourite character and actor on Gossip Girl) and Hailee Steinfield is both an amazing actor and an adorable little fashionista!

The film will be released nationwide on October 11th, 2013; however, you lucky readers have the chance to watch the advanced screening of the movie on September 30th, 2013 at 7 pm at Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver.  

Interested in this giveaway? Either comment below or email me at: Winners will be randomly chosen and will be notified of their selection by September 28th, 2013.

Curious about what the film will be like? Watch the trailer here:

Have a great day everyone; I look forward to your comments and emails!

Disclosure: While the content of this post was kindly sponsored by District PR, all opinions remain exclusively mine. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Top: Dynamite // Skirt and Bracelet: Forever 21 // Shoes: Shoemint // Bag: Olivia + Joy // Ring: Expression via The Hudson Bay Company // Sunglasses: Aldo

The other week, back when there was still sunshine and heat beating down upon us, Luvania of Fashion to the Nine and I had the pleasure of attending a complimentary styling session at Pacific Centre called the Style Bar, in which a team of personal stylists from Operation Style advised us on how to best update our fall wardrobe with the latest trends or high quality classics. At first, I must admit that Luv and I were quite apprehensive about whether this would be a worthwhile experience or what exactly we would be doing throughout the appointment. However, all of our anxieties proved to be needless as the appointment turned out to be extremely fun and enlightening (how could it not be when you're a shopaholic and all you have to do is talk about shopping?). As a result of the Style Bar session, I got some great ideas on what I should save or splurge on, had a great time with gals of similar style tastes, and received lots of free goodies (including two gift cards). I believe that the next Style Bar event will be in the spring and I highly recommend the experience to anyone, including the guys (my boyfriend booked an appointment at my prompting and enjoyed it as well)! 
Also, thanks to my lovely photographer pictured below for my post pictures above!
After the Style Bar, I stayed downtown the entire day in order to attend the very fun birthday party of my oldest friend, RT. We had a lovely dinner at the Joey's on Broadway, during which I managed to catch up with a bunch of old friends who I rarely get to see nowadays.
And just because we had such a fun night, I had to include some of our weirdo in-the-bathroom pics (I excluded the weirdest ones in the interest of maintaining my reputation as a sane individual).
Mandatory Instagram post.

Friday, 20 September 2013

PUB 101: My Blog My Way

Today I attempt to answer that question burning in all of your minds: How did my blog become the way it is today? (I'm kidding by the way, this topic would hardly rank in the top ten of anyone's need-to- know list.) The answer is a long, rambling story that I will try my best to condense in consideration of my valued Publishing 101 readers. My blog started off as a random outlet for my daily doings, musings, and somewhat quirky DIY projects. It was haphazard, ill-planned, and had little format. Eventually, however, my blog started to evolve and take on a life of its own when I began to immerse myself within the fashion blogging community. "What Doffy Does" became a more purpose-driven place in which I expressed my weekly doings, my favourite fashion trends, and sluggishly developed my photography (and outfit-post-taking) skills.

These changes came about as a result of constantly (perhaps even obsessively) browsing the blogs of my favourite fashionistas and wishing that I could create similar content nearly as appealing as theirs. For instance, from the blogs "Her Waise Choice" by Jen Tam, "Alicia Fashionista" by Alicia Quan, and "Brooklyn Blonde" by Helena, I discerned that simplicity, white spaces, well-designed banners, and tabs made all the difference in a personal style blog's appearance. Instead of the messy, cluttered, and chaotically-coloured blogs of my youth, I longed to create a blog theme that screamed 'simplicity' and 'elegance.' I also used Google to find other ways to simplify my blog design; for example, I googled a way to create icons for my social media accounts instead of having tabs on the side labelled "Twitter," "Pinterest," "Instagram," "Tumblr," and "Bloglovin'." Although I tried to avoid flashy or annoying pop-ups (ie. music players) on my page, I did include a slideshow of my latest Instagram posts on the right-hand column that I thought added to the appeal of my blog. I as well attempted to not add too many gadgets on the right-hand column other than a blog archiving tool, some Google Sense ads (which were removed when I changed my domain name), Google Friend Connect (aka GFC), and a few other select gadgets.

Additionally, I received many great tips from the handy site "Independent Fashion Bloggers," an online publication dedicated to helping fledgling personal style bloggers find their way in the blogging world. In regard to my blog design, the post "6 Simple Design Tweaks to Make Your Blog Better" was particularly useful in influencing my decisions on the matter. For instance, I learned that photos must be neither too large nor too small, of equal size, and should be taken with a camera of decent quality.

This leads me to my next great breakthrough in my blogging ventures: my camera. Long before I purchased my first DSLR camera, I found myself gazing at the amazing pictures being posted by popular bloggers with their insanely expensive Canons and Nikons and wishing that I could attain photo-quality and creativity of nearly such levels. My boyfriend was quite clueless on the matter; he thought that my point-and-shoot camera's capabilities were more than enough until I forced him to look at countless pictures of amazing depth, perception, and innovative angles that were only possible with a decent DSLR. Finally, I was able to buy a secondhand Canon DSLR at a greatly reduced price from a local photographer whom I had met through a previous job. A whole new world of possibilities suddenly opened for me and I began my journey into creating better and more interesting pictures for my blog, whether they were of my outfits, my travels, or delicious food. I admit that my skills are still very amateurish but I hope that with more practice, better lenses (hellooo Boxing Day sales!), and dedicated photographer friends, I will be able to post inspired and creative photos that will better draw in my audience.

Anywho, that is a brief overview of why I made my blog appear the way it does; I just hope that this riveting account gave you some ideas for any blogging fantasies of your own and didn't make you check your watch to see how much time you had wasted...


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

#PSL Season

Shirt: Olive and Oak // Necklace: Expression via The Hudson Bay Company // Bag: Nine West // Vest and Hat: H&M // Skirt: Express // Shoes: Zara 

Pumpkin spice lattes have got to be the most perfect drink to sip while catching up with a good friend about our hectic lives, future plans, and other miscellaneous topics. No wonder these lip-smackingly-good beverages are one of the most highly-anticipated drinks at Starbucks each year. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with LP of Fashion To The Nine after a long tiring day at work, which turned out to be the perfect remedy for my workplace blues. As we shared our usual zany stories, eye-tearing laughter, and obsessive penchant for Netflix shows, we completely lost track of the time (and light). As an outcome, we had to make do with these slightly gloomy and blurry pictures taken in the fading light of dusk. 
I was also happy to have a chance to wear my very fall appropriate hat and fur gilet on this day, even though it was too hot to wear pants of any kind (hence the skirt and sandals). The end result was a strange mix of autumn and summer pieces, which hopefully did not look too strange! How have you been transitioning your summer-to-fall wardrobe lately?

First PSL of the season :)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Trendy Tuesday Style Feature: Bonita Au

Vest, Shirt, Necklace, and Collar Pins: Topshop // Shorts: Topman // Shoes: Zara // Ring: C. by Chelsea

Hello everyone,
Welcome to a sneak preview of my first style feature on a local fashionista by the name of Bonita Au. For AX3 Battery, I had the pleasure of interviewing this stylish lady while chatting over delicious snacks at the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe. While we had many laughs and fun stories to share about our respective lives, Bonita was kind enough to impart much of her knowledge on style, fashion, trends, and on pushing your comfort zones. Click here for the full interview, you won't regret it!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Boathouse Birthday

This month has thus far been a veritable whirlwind of birthdays for some of my favourite gals. Last week, we had the pleasure of celebrating the special day of J on her twenty-something-eth (I'm being a pal and keeping that secret) birthday. We had a lovely dinner at The Boathouse and hung out at a friend's house after. I can still remember her last birthday party where we learned how to make ice cream and still am in shock that it was already a year ago! 
Checking out the menu with the lovely RC, who will be celebrating her own birthday next weekend.
My mouthwatering linguine that featured salmon, prawns, and a giant juicy scallop.  
Tuna Salad.
Our five dollar cappuccino of minuscule size. 
The lovely ladies.
Drinks of the night.
Candid shots are my specialty.
Sparklers are always enjoyable.
Le copain et moi.