Boathouse Birthday

This month has thus far been a veritable whirlwind of birthdays for some of my favourite gals. Last week, we had the pleasure of celebrating the special day of J on her twenty-something-eth (I'm being a pal and keeping that secret) birthday. We had a lovely dinner at The Boathouse and hung out at a friend's house after. I can still remember her last birthday party where we learned how to make ice cream and still am in shock that it was already a year ago! 
Checking out the menu with the lovely RC, who will be celebrating her own birthday next weekend.
My mouthwatering linguine that featured salmon, prawns, and a giant juicy scallop.  
Tuna Salad.
Our five dollar cappuccino of minuscule size. 
The lovely ladies.
Drinks of the night.
Candid shots are my specialty.
Sparklers are always enjoyable.
Le copain et moi.


  1. Amazing photos, the food looks delicious its making me hungry;))
    Great birthday party!!!
    Happy Sunday!!

  2. Cute photos and yummy food!


  3. The food looks amazing! <3

  4. That food looks so good!


  5. Looks like an amazing time!
    This is a really great post :)


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  6. Aww, birthday dinners are always so much fun! I love buying gifts for my friends! I'm glad you had a fun time :)

    Xo, Hannah

  7. I love getting together to celebrate birthdays! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Your linguine looks mouth watering!


  8. Aww oh so sweet pic of u & ur bf :D What a nice birthday party at the boathouse with all the yummy food & wonderful friends!


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